Friday, June 3, 2016

Pamela Moore not taking to co hosting.

Yeah,she has not said a word to the guy.  Her and Raddy playing victims...and they are...Of low ratings to their show.
Steve Aveson must not believe his terrible luck as the story's and days go by. Diane Tuazon. The weather guy who worked one day at KRON and quit. Raddy and Pete and Emerald and Wendy and Kate and Dan and Rich and whoever else had the bad luck to work with Radnich or know him.
 The way she's taken abuse from Radnich and never said a word. He used her like a punching bag and like an abuser tells everybody "I love her". The gall? He thinks HE has kept her employed.She,could have had him fired how many times? Like Cathy and worse...

All on the airwaves. I don't need a mole. They do the drama live for me to ..laugh,shake my head at. They get paid for that?