Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poole,Kawakami,Marcus rip Bogut?...Warriors want it known.

When they go after a player like I would? They are allowed by Lacob..he has ordained that Andy is open season for truth.
Andy has made it clear..just pay me and be glad I MIGHT show up.  Not a dedicated or fanatical mindset to play the game.

And who was the first to point out his obnoxious personality had taken over? Me.

Big money..just makes some ridiculous head cases out of players. Most of it results in no motivation to win. The worst kind of money malaise.

I could see it...I think Curry has it now too. No hunger in him . We saw that whole trot around. Curry as we saw is only motivated for the flashy play. Solid passing is passe to the guy. No,its got to be behind the back, between the legs,off the other guys head. So,his turnovers are equally ridiculous.

The Warriors rivets are popping...they are not San Antone. Not many teams are..but we hoped didnt we? Stick together?

Two more ...With Bogut the Warriors learned how good they could be with a quality center. Too much small ball is Don Nelson and Montaaaa Ellis. Yeesh.

Last? Get Durant and we are back to Champions. All the last month will be old forgotten news. Mostly.