Monday, June 20, 2016

Radnich-again-portrays himself the "victim" of the Heenan-Radnich viral video.

"The great Lyndsey is our director and says You be you". That,my friends is the weasel once again slipping in his denial of ANY guilt. And- I will go to the internet every time he pulls that.

Also-- Grant Lodes is just scraping the bottom of internet skits with Radnich. I tell you,they sit around and think "This will fool them- WE are SO smart!".  KRON, just so myopically dysfunctional.
See,let me explain...He zings willing he can say about the Heenan fiasco and loss of any respect people might have had for him.."I do that to ALL my friends."  B.S. ask Darya.

Also,Raddy zinged Steve at 6:45...Pamela couldn't have laughed harder. Yeah,she's all class,choke,choke.

Steve? Its how they did in Diane Tuazon and a few others. Same tactics.