Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Radnich on a short leash at kron.

Its a short and to the point sportscast on KRON.  He's dropped the latest angry Radnich "Nobody tells me how to do sports"..the wandering babbling Radnich with glassy eyes- you know why,and for sure the put down the anchor, Radnich.
That last might be because Steve Aveson is there,but since Pamela Moore isn't warm to Steve? He might not care if Radnich returns to his favorite punching bag one day.
I swear,some days you can see Steve looking at Radnich like a psychology student would look at his first sad case.

Really,what the hell leverage does Gary Radnich have anymore? Who would hire him? Like Pamela Moore- where is there to go if Media General just wants a clean slate?