Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stan gets it right about black holes. You read it here first.

Did I or did I not say - the Universe might not be more then we think it is? And did I not say that I did not think black holes were gateways to other Universes? That I said they simply compact matter in a way we don't understand and that IF they had "punched a hole in the fabric of space time" why would black holes be different masses? That didn't make sense to me. A hole would be the limit for all.

Well,today's news points to a new theory catching on- bada bing- that black holes punch no holes,do not leave the Universe...they simply store matter in 2 dimensions...flat and holographic. Its why they grow..its all still there baby.

Same thing for dark energy...I suspect that a whole lot of the subatomic holographic world and quantum mechanics will explain away "wormholes and time travel" and other fantasy's we have.

Wait, and when I finish my Frosted Flakes I can draw you a picture....