Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stan had a heart to heart talk with Kap last week. Please,no need to thank me.

So I say to the guy "Sit down,you need to hear this"..he sits.  "Look,what's wrong with you? Your healthy,young,..all yer life ahead of you. You can be stupid and people still listen"...he sort of nodded.

"Let me tell you,look in the mirror. Yer one ugly sumbitch!..coyote ugly! Yet some of the most beautiful woman in the world throw themselves at you."  "Why? because yer Kap the Quarter-back. They don't care if you tattoo a photo of  Jim Harbaugh on your face!! are money in the bank."  Let me tell you I said, "Every time you do a pelvic thrust on top of a beauty?" "Think, Only a QB in the NFL who looks as much as a mangy donkey like I do is getting this."

By this time Kap was looking up at the ceiling,a smile starting to form on those Kap lips.

"Its football,a don't have to think hard" I sez. Kap's head was now going up and down. "Yeah,that's right, I was thinking too much"."Thinking always did get me in trouble" said Kap while pondering.

"Son,go out and enjoy the fantasy world you are in." I tell him.

"Dang Stan,You changed my life".

Que nada.