Friday, June 17, 2016

Stan points out Warriors problems..

Without parroting the others "Splash Brothers drowning"..

First..Shaun Livingston was great all year...he cant make a 4 foot shot now,plays almost no defense. He watches players go by. Feet nailed to the floor. As soon as Kerr takes Curry out and Shaun in? the Warrior mo dissolves.

No passing..where is all that fancy pants passing around the perimeter from the Warriors? Its gone and replaced by schoolyard.  Klay has been horrible with shot selection. Yesterday he had an open lane to the basket.instead went backwards and threw up a prayer off balance 3. Missed.

Bad passing...When they do pass? Like they just took up the game. Bad passing in heavy traffic. Cleveland? One pass and dunk.

Its like nobody on the Warriors wants to get dirty hands. Effete play.

Where's Mo? He killed with his shooting the other teams in the playoffs...and we get Harrison- cant-hit- the -side -of -a - Barnes.  Whats Kerr thinking? I bet Walton would have gotten it right. I do.

One good thing? Getting on the refs..its just incredible that one game the Warriors had 2 FT's,while Clevebron had 21 at that same time.  Its been one sided all year...just worse now.

Slow.  The team is not rushing up and down the court all game. That's where the Warriors excelled all year..grind the other team down. Now? standing and watching...even when a Warrior does have a fast break? I see nobody following. Clevebron has had 3-4 teammates on the run.  We USED to do that.

We USED to do all the right we look tired and head down.

Have a Happy Sunday!