Sunday, June 19, 2016

The last Mexican at KRON bites the dust. Marty Gonzales a gone Marty?

Two weekends in a row? Its hard to keep up with kron's weekend news when they run so many damn commercials.
It used to be I always watched Marty and Ysabel. The last couple of years..ch2 mostly because it was always a commercial break at kron or if Marty was there...soon a break.

That leaves the one third Latino bay area with no male Mexican American Anchors on any station. I'm having a hard time thinking of Mexican American male reporters...the local ND,do hire the cute woman and then stop.  Sort of like in dating,where white guys like to pick off the best looking Latins,Asian and black woman. They ignore the one's who look too "ethnic".

Reggie Aqui MIGHT be Latino. But,he could be Filipino. I am ambiguous on Reggie.