Tuesday, June 28, 2016

There are no slums on the continent of Australia. I want to move...

Go ahead look it up..NO SLUMS in Australia. None. Some are not as wealthy as others..but even indigenous people live in clean quarters. A hell of lot better then termite traps that cover the USA.
Why? Is it because Australia is full of natural resources? They build the best electronics and automobiles?..no. Australia is not overcrowded for one. If you need more room to be happy..you can find it.
I would guess the overall homogeny of Australia helps and that foreign workers tend to be skilled. A large input of Asians and Indians has not hurt.
Imagine that...everybody is paid a decent wage.

Funny- but since Australia is painted as a great place to move too? I decided to see if I could find images by typing in "Australian slums". Not one photo of Australia popped up on Google. Plenty of what I didn't ask,Rio,India,Africa,South America,etc.
Man, when I hit the lotto? Brisbane here I come. I sure as hell don't mean Brisbane here in the bay area..