Friday, June 24, 2016

When I see young people of color commiting crimes on TV news stories?

I see visions of those same young people sitting all day in front of  TV watching hip hop vids of somebody who looks like them,talks like them,but not living like them. The TV baggy pants and finger gesturing people have the best cars,champagne,sexiest woman, and of course bling..lots and lots of bling.
So,we have a nation of 12-30 years old's who want what skilled labor,education and..fitting in gets you.
All they know is...No guilt of the criminal ways of achieving material gains if everybody you know is in that same gutter.

Its why violent video games are played by them day and night. Desensitized is right. Not one of them plays some Video game with a lesson. Not one. Those are in the little girl's tilted it is. America the violent.

The problem with public schools? They teach facts..they don't seem to teach right and wrong in a social way.

Its amazing you have to teach that. Parents don't seem to care.

Nope,they learn from Vids,to have all now? Just take it. Steal it.

Video and Record company's might be the worst business in the country. They are the trigger to Gun manufacturers.

Like Chris Rock might say,If you teach right and wrong at school,and make all types of Hip Hop lyrics in book form only? We would become a peaceful country. Punks of all colors don't read books.