Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yesterday was a F- the world day. I hate those.

It started early and kept thing after another where I had to take the F-U my son,attitude.
Getting older mean less of those thank god. It also means spotting them as they start. Bio rhythms can't be it. Mine had no influence on freeway crashes or closed alternate routes- right?
Then internet fights with another guy who thinks he knows everything and sits as self styled king of the website- that he's just a visitor to. I hate those guys. I go at them with facts..they just spin away.

I think the HBP was up a bit,the sugar level down a bit..the whole cosmic mix.

THEN, I end with watching a Steve Hawking science program on why we are here.  Turns out science thinks we all have not just our own Universe,but endless versions of us. That means you as a flea, or you locked in a prison for life. Think about that the next time you swat a fly,or surf past cnbc's prison shows. Steve has decided the meaning of your life is to live. Pretty positive for a man locked inside his body.

See?  I have a better today now.