Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trump the great American embarassment story.

He turned his inherited 120 million dollars and a business from his father into who knows how many shady financial doings.  Nobody in business seems to praise Trump. I don't hear the big hitters like Sam or Bill or Steve, say a word of admiration for Donald.

There he is now almost president. Hillary who had a huge lead on Obama in his first run,folded badly. She had a huge lead on Trump also,and its getting tighter.

 Hillary is so wooden,not a great speaker and that whole thing of its her second and last chance is hanging over the campaign.

Donald Trump running for president. That's just too weird.

Draymond Green posts Snapchat photo of his cock.

You would think he wouldn't be so desperate to impress that he would sink to dick photos. But,like dummies world wide "I'm me being me"...until he gets traded out of the league. One day.

Tim Lincecum. 2-5. 8.49 era. Throws lowest strike to ball ratio.

Its the sun setting on the Lincecum. He's not freaky,he's pablum. Vanilla pablum.

At 32? Sure it makes sense..except he's been on the down-slide since he was 26..and I'm sure his off the field and off season intakes of substance ruined what might have been ..well,he's had a fantastic career...but how about even more fantastic?
I have to salute him. He never pulled a Matt Cain or a Zito or Aaron Rowan. Stealing money with lies about 'roids,unknown,untold injuries, and what have you.

Tim's velocity is back down also. Not throwing strikes..its just a total meltdown. At least when walks away this time he wont wonder if he had more left. He doesn't.

Ya had a great career kid. Nobody can take that away.

The more you understand how short life is..

The closure you are to the end of your innovative life. You become a Vin Scully,repeating what you've did since you were young. Maybe refining..but basically you never get out of same-o,same-o.

I would think somebody in prison would know that better than anybody. But that would be wrong since most don't hesitate to donate more young years as repeat offenders.

I know,its responsibility's to not go nuts when you have a family..yet, that feeling kicks in as you shed most of yer lifespan. Its gone and not coming back.

I guess the best you can do is be with a crowd who accepts that of life. Like Vin.

More on the Radnich field trip.

Just so you are not left wondering. YES, he did say he made a special side trip when he was in Miami.
So,no,he didn't by accident drive by. He WANTED to take his 8 year old. And he said that. Weird and freaky.
Also,I tried posting this fact to RL media. Twice. He never posted it.

You know- when somebody with his background pushes that he's the perfect family just wonder what really goes on behind those Raddy home front doors.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Another conversation with a 5 year old.

Her: "I want ice in a cup". Me: Ice..please.  Her :Pleeease, can I have ice?"  Me: With sugar and cream and a cherry on top". Her "No,I just want plain ice!".

That floored me. I didn't see it coming--lol.

Charlie Sheen thoughts..

He used to brag about all his beautiful woman...who ended up hating him, and all his beautiful porn stars... That he paid to eventually give him HIV. Now,he's taking pills for the rest of his life and he nearly got full blown aids on some quack's cure, who quickly took a hunk of Charlie's big money.
The guy bragged of not giving a damn about people-other then Lindsey Lohan- and then spread his HIV to other woman.
He should go into sports radio.

"Family man" Gary Radnich wont answer about why he took his son to where a woman was raped.

He said on the radio..THAT'S why he took his son to that apartment. Its where the woman was raped and kinky,creepy Radnich not only wanted to see it...but took his 8 year old. Ah,sick.
He must be demented. I wonder if CPS keeps an eye on what goes on with Mr . "Family man?"

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday...Radnich doesnt explain kids field trip to rape site.

He didn't answer my question.

Although his wife did did say about Raddy's bull,"I clean his shit".  I have no doubts that's true.

New trend in TV weather- larger graphics. About time!

I see KNTV also has answered KGO TV with bigger numbers. Hey,its evening,yer tired..big numbers are easy on the eyes.
KRON also doing a little more shaking up its previous monotonous weather reports..a little zone attention,more graphics. Why not? Britt must have been bored to death to say the same exact thing hour after hour.
Still,no remote reports from her.  She's not a people person? Or KRON too cheap?. I can pick.

YouTube suddenly being bombarded by Adult films..

All of a sudden,dozens of clips from R and X Adult films are going up on the 'tube. Mostly Asian.
Why do I think North Korea is behind the dozens of pseudonyms? lol.

All the good people are still doing good things.

Not much really to add to that is there?

Gary Radnich tells heartwarming story of taking son to see where a woman was raped.

"When I was in Miami I took my son to see (where an unconscious woman was raped by men) the apartment where Kap got in trouble." Larry Kreuger was dumbfounded "You took you're 8 year old to see that?"
His son is 8 years old. Imagine telling him why they are there?

KRON ratings must be sinking...its all happy faces.

Not that harmony is wrong..but its KRON.  I notice that Radnich is short with his stupid opinions,and even though he complains a new producer tells him to just stick to the time he's given,he's sticking to the time he's given.
Steve knows people are watching close- lol..and he's doing his best to keep up a front. When Radnich says (over and over too much) that "Steve and I get along" sounds like the little bully in school in front of the teacher.
I uh,don't hear Steve saying anything in return.

Radnich does have the very annoying habit -I'm sure Steve would agree- of when Steve makes a funnee..Radnich stops and analyzes it and decides if it was funny.  Radnich? He would be livid to get that in return. Like he was when Aveson first started at KRON.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Whats Pagan smoking pre games lately? Cant field a ball right to him.

Cant catch a ball right to him. Its now a steady supply of dropped balls.

Pagan even looks like one of those characters in Scarface.  

Punk gets his just reward...hee-hee-hee.

I'm in my front yard and checking out the banana's..when a Mustang(always them) driven by a punk see's me right? So what does he do being that its a corner lot? He decides that as he gets to my house at the corner he's going to step on it. So here he comes...see's me....steps on it! as he rounds the stop sign.
Then FLASHING LIGHTS CAME ON..LOL..he was so intent on me..he didn't see the police car half a block behind him!
Hayward PD got that punk for speeding ,a 15 mph limit,he was doing more then double that,AND running a stop sign.
He's going to love that $700 insurance go up!..LOVE that!

What a GREAT DAY.  I of course, gave the Hayward Police applause. As loud as I could.

Stan,enemy of the stupid. hee.

Now, TOO warm. Whew, gonna be mid 90's I bet.

At least its just a taste of tropical desert heat for another day. My banana plant has banana's on it. First time for me to try a real edible and sweet home grown nanners. Should be ripe in fall?
Global Warming is real since I also have a tropical Papaya tree coming along. In the bay area.

It reminds me of the Lois Nettleton Twilight Zone episode where the Earth is spiraling slowly to the Sun.
Soon we will all be sweaty and wiping our brows all day long "Whats it now Ma?".."It appears to be 111, son".
One day!

30 years in business if yer Gary. 30 years as second banana if yer Vern. Why?

You know why.
It couldn't be more blatant.
Alicia never made a move on Vern!.or did she?...

Kate Cagle in Los Angeles. Stan reporting.

She tweeted a photo of some new Goodwill furniture she bought for her new apartment. I take it KRON's reporter pay doesn't allow much savings after the cost of living in SF.

Well,she escaped the whole dystopian KRON Kult. Abusers abuse and the abused still get no apology's from Radnich.

Darya must have been embarrassed to death.

Why does KRON even try to make Radnich out as some kind of humanitarian? Why? He doesn't do things for free,or for charitys,he does not do things like ice bucket challenges...he does nothing but for himself. Yet,KRON like this morning has Darya do a Maddens World..oops,Gary's World (rip off of Madden's voice and manner) segment about a boy with a wheelchair confining illness who  did the Marlins lineup. Radnich? "Yeah,great. But they didn't play yesterday so it must have been"..and then Darya says "Oh,ok,you got me it was Monday night"  Radnich couldn't have cared less about the courage of the kid. He's the guy who embraces Sid Rosenberg. You think he spends his time with empathy for a kid with M.S.?
Radnich who has multiple families still pushing that he's a wholesome dude. LOL.

At least stick with being a selfish shock jock trying to do anything to live a large life. Why he wonders so many people won't buy into his character of Daddy Raddy? He's a joker alright.
I hear Radnich set up a "Go Fund" account so he can get out of his older used Bent car and step up to a brand new Rolls. Why? "Because I always wanted one". That's why!

Darya? The wide eyed innocent teeny girl act is another character that needs to be dropped...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Comcast does Barry Zito tribute. His Republican views are just like the Exec's of Comcast.

What a laughable program. A Barry Zito tribute. A quarter billion dollars for the man who got lots of exercise and warm summer sun.

Where's the Jose Canseco tribute? He EARNED his money!

What next, a medal of honor for Zito?

Do you now see who really runs the world? Do you?

A Barry Zito tribute. wow. Imagine the chain of command who approved doing that.

We all know in Oakland Zeets was hopped up on ..uh,something. When he got to the Giants..what the hell did he need something that shrinks a man? Gone was the pin point pitches for the next 7 years. So obvious. All of the A's were on something back then.

S.I. swimsuit issue. An Asian woman on page 133. Latina? nada. With a Chubby...girl.

wow,Considering how many white men marry Asian woman you would think more then just ONE would make S.I. and even then on page 133.
Latin woman? Well,most of the white woman had a real nice golden tan...but none were named  Maria Sanchez.
As a matter of fact the white woman chosen looked so much alike it was like clones...same hair,same poses.
On the cover was a plus sized model with a belly. Ironic,because that same model has gone on a diet and woman are howling. Why? Because the the door opened and she wants to be as beautiful as any woman,not a plus woman.
I thought myself that Erin Heatherton was the most beautiful. I mean,she was the most naturally blond and fair skinned. What a woman is supposed to look like at "10" We all know that.

The average age of those models? 22. So,you see my point about woman at 50 in the FOX news and elsewhere being frustrated that THEY have to stop aging. And men can be like Eric Thomas or Gary Radnich can keep their present look- Hideous.

Michelle Obama..a smarter Jackie O.

With her choice of 1962 Jackie O type dresses and those lethally pointy pump-high heel shoes..she has that vibe.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Once again San Franciscans must suffer. A high of 68f when I'm 88f.

Well,one thing we got in Hayward is good weather. Crime stinks..but S.F. has lot of that too.
But,I have to go to there for my Sofisteecation. Uh,I don't think San Franian's ever come here. Even their criminal types don't bother with

Mason McDuffie racist money lenders!

They must be if disgraced Gary Radnich is their spokesperson. He speaks from his green heart!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Radnich on a higher level with Sid Racist Rosenberg...LOL.

See, He doesn't mind that Sid is a racist,as long as Sid like Radnich sticks to the fantasy world of THEY know what the real world is like- and have real family values..snicker as I think of his Tenderloin cruises. So,Gary's advanced degree's in sociology can see past Sid's racist attitudes towards black people. Gary simply goes on KRON later and praises the begeebee's out of Serena. See? He's a higher intellect then you young liberals. And all that praise makes everything fine..wink- wink.
Oh,Radnich is just too smart a fella. He's lasted 30 years you know.

PS  If Sid ever attacked Gary and put HIM down? He would be banned from the KNBR show!  THAT'S going TOO far-LOL.

A's getting a chemistry going..and then we know what happens.

When they win,you pay attention...until the off season.  Beane as has been said many times, sold out.

Without there best players Giants can't win.

Who else is missing?

Plus,Bochy is again to slow to take out a fading starter...then too quick if the guy is pitching well but "his pitching count hit 100" Dumb.

Want to be successful? Be a TOTALLY different person!.

There,I solved all problems of everybody. I'm a regular Tony Robins and Joel Osteen in one.

Want to be successful being you? Get the hell outta here!

The collapse of FOX hierarchy..what took so long?

FOX and Friends Dooce and Kilmead? pure puppets,tools, and no doubt hard right. The one woman host who always has short skirts to the butt cheeks? Hard for me to complain but,when you ask a 50 year old woman to strip everyday for TV?  Something is going to give. Woman can only take so much look 24 to keep their jobs. Especially when they look over at flabby skin and liver spots on the Radnichs and O' Reillys.
Trump may come close..but the right wing movement is going to fall short. Too many people know what Fascist state would be like. Like Playboy for real.

Lets see next Friday if Radnich tell more of how hot Alicia is for the Radnich body.

Oh yeah- If Gary says it,it must be true.. His younger wife just can't believe how hot age spots are!..his flab just turns her on. I can hardly vomit.
The man has no shame..and he should be ashamed of that.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Radnich got it backwards last night. HE turns on people,not they turn on him.

Like his peace with Rich Lieberman lasted only 2 days..then Radnich ripped the guy. Same for Cathy Heenan..Radnich turned on HER,not the other way around.
Steve Aveson will learn..learn more. He's seen plenty of the Radnich ego so far. Play both sides,never leave the safety of his studio-lol. All the Radnich rotten ways.
Radnich turned on me- remember?

Steve? He's not dishing out the compliments to Radnich who just begs to be patted on the head. Not getting that.

One day he will turn on Aveson. It would be too good to be true for Aveson to truly turn on Radnich. A zinger is best case..wink.

Defeated punks blame me..!

Believe me..they came to me thinking I was who they were going to pick on  as "different" because I don't stand on my porch drinking beer. The SOS.
Its gotten quiet. But being stupid losers...those punks are trying to make things sound like I went to them,not they went to me and got slapped around big time.

Friday, July 22, 2016

I bet you Gary Radnich browbeats his family. Just hammers them with no choices.

All that giggly Gary is a cover for all the whispers of his passive aggressive ways. His own failures to be a macho man like his dad,instead doing a public persona of a wimpy clown.
But when he tells story's of his private life? And when says he doesn't care about anybody not in his house? I believe him. I believed him when he said he browbeat an old piano teacher for asking him to be quiet during- a children's recital for gods sake- and THAT'S ALL it took to set him off.

Same as the warnings he gave KNBR workers that he would get them if they mentioned the Cathy Heenan embarrassment on air.

What I don't believe is when he tells the others sides. That's when I can see he's a habitual liar. Never a blink. He can lie like a problems. He's proud of it to himself.

He treated his nephew like dirt on KRON last year ..and the kid returned the favor on air live. Yeah,I remember. He looked like he wanted to punch uncle Gary.  Radnich? just tread on the kid like he was a steppingstone. Kinda wiped his feet on him by coming back with " How are you related to me?"
THAT must have went over big with his wife's side of the family.

I bet he's strict..and they BETTER NOT EVER make him look bad. Most important thing of all.

The more Radnich brags of his "perfect" marriage,the more his wife winces.

She's stuck,and Radnich does to her what he does to other KRON people..make them his puppets and all must smile at King Gary's demented humor. He teases with love he claims. How twisted is that?

Right Gary you punk ass coward? Right.

I wonder if Alicia ever invites Racist Sid Rosenberg over to have dinner with as Sid says "I got's invited by his blacky family,yeah,like I would eats with them? Why,that would be zoological"

Jessica Agiurre needs to drop the cadaver makeup.

Look,you are fine tan colored. That Kabuki powder is a big contrast with those golden arms. Its not flattering,if anything it ages you beyond you're years.
Look like you have no fear of the sun. Don't be Michael Jackson.

Somebody needs to tell you in time while you are still a hot body and pretty face.

Does Cathy Heenan have a choice than to smile and take it from Radnich?

SHE lost air time,not him. He was not suspended despite the world howling at his being the little man he is under all that blubber. SHE was told to stay home.
KRON management hasn't done anything to stand up for her. Nada thing-o. Probably gave her the good soldier talk for not fighting back. More of Radnich benefiting from being a punk ass coward he is at KRON.

Radnich really is the cockroach who wont go away.

He "loooooves" what he does" LOL. He has a golden bridge to sell you

I salute Steve Aveson.

It was a small thing. I don't remember exactly what was said. It was something Radnich was spinning about the hate he generates as a good thing. Both Heenan and Lodes said nothing,even put on forced smiles as Radnich stood there like a Peacock,beaming he had made a great comeback he thought

 Steve made a simple point about that being wrong.

Radnich then called him Stevie again. The man who had said many times on KNBR he's embarrassed to call a grown man Timmy,and how stupid can you be to do that?  He does it.  Like Tweeting was stupid and vain of Vern Glenn and Dan Dibley back a few years.
Oh no,you can't corner the devil Radnich.

The GARY RADNICH right wing sports show!. Shock jockey again.

He's praising millionaires for being wealthy,sucking Sid Racist Rosenberg's dick for thinking Radnich kids are chimps.
As Bip Roberts told Radnich last week "WE ALL know Gary you are all about the money".

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gary Radnich pompous ass..still plays with people.

He's back to claiming he "teases people" for a living. Ah,what a self delusional lie. He should have been fired by now if kron HR had any standards.
His fake marriage,his fake teeth,his fake knowledge of anything. Cathy? already back to taking it from Radnich. After all the country saw..she's back with her abuser. An old story and one Radnich takes advantage of.
One good thing is..Aveson is starting to dish out just tiny portions. Radnich? "I can take it Steve".. Well,good for you. You took somebody not agreeing with you on air at kron. Wow,what a huge man you must be Radnich.
Still no sponsors for the shock jock and his shitty world.

One saving grace from God? He reads hundreds of the meanest nastiest social media posts of anybody in the bay area every day. What he deserves. And many more...

Yahoo says Kaepernick to be traded. Lie.

I saw the headline..but I put it off to read something else. When I went back..the story was gone.

All I could find was an April troll story of Kap going to Cleveland and "We fooled you!"

Somebody at Yahoo ran it today and never even read the story.

Megan Kelly- summer dressed and another woman Trump hates. With photo link!

Whats the big deal? It must have been 90f in hot,humid Cleveland.

I also can't see Donald Trump being friends with the loud woman of the Republican party. Impossible that he would ever bring in to his inner circle Laura Ingraham or Sarah Palin or the nutty Ann Coulter.
You think Trump would want to be around woman who tell him how to run his business?..even with every conversation ending with "Kill the liberals?". Shoot,Trump would rather have a liberal easy going Earth mama then whiny Bryn Mawr uppity babes if it was down to the two.

Heck,its why he marries Stepford wives. OBEY....

Here's Megan. Thank God the British show it all. The American media story's cut off below the neck. Prudes!

I got hit with another deja vu crossed with memory...

For a few seconds I felt the past. Cool 1966 Oakland summer days. Sunny. Felt nice. Go ahead laugh.

Radnich and Kreugers Klown show.

Didya hear any of today's show? Its Kruger making his infomercials 5 minutes long followed by he and Radnich giggling for 10 minutes on how funny that was.
Radnich? He cares about noth'in and nobody, now. Pisses on his own show.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Giants doing June Swoon in July.

I guess all the losses from injury's threw a  monkey wrench in their usually strong chemistry.
Of course the rolling stone downhill that started it all is the bullpen. You can feel hitters not confident the bullpen can hold ANY lead. Hey,it adds up.
But Casillo in particular...

Radnich claims he has never ripped anybody. Kreuger says nothing. Hypocrites.

Once again Radnich made the bizarre and delusional claim he's never ripped anybody. Oh,sure he said he never ripped a person on a tweet. HA!..After he spends 3hours in the morning ripping and then until midnight on KRON..he gets all his rips out.
What a kook. He even followed his "I never say he sucks" with ripping Jim Harbaugh who Radnich regularly ripped..funny considering I never in the years Harbaugh was in San Francisco even once saw a Radnich interview with the coach. But, he ripped him anyways over and over.

Wasn't Radnich ripping bloggers all last week? I do believe he do.


I knew she was too good for kron. She knows it too.

Down to Los Angeles.

KRON because of the Cult leader Gary Radnich drives another top notch talent away.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Strange,weird theft of Mrs Obama's speech.

Wow,how crazy is that? Its overt nutty and scary to think that party wants to rule the world.
Repubs are reduced to " She used some of the same words- but not all the same,its ok".lol. No defense in other words.
They really thought nobody would notice? Well,no I didn't.. But somebody did, ha.

I guess Melanoma or whatever her name is, thought it was a good luck speech. Worked before.

KRON now gives serious sports news to the Anchors. Radnich has time to babble.

Its like they gave up on anybody looking for anything adult or serious by the time KRON sports and Raddy start.
Just have the seltzer water bottles lined up for the sock less,tan loafers guy.

A's TV ratings in the dumps.

I guess Billy Beane will blame Ray Fosse.

A franchise gets what it puts in. The A's John Fisher outs no love into the team..just cheap journeymen players. Donaldson was treated like a journeymen. If the team doesn't care about the World Series, why watch? To see guys get summer exercise in green costumes?..

Monday, July 18, 2016

Latino youth caught doing donuts on the bay bridge.

See? Its what I fought here. A subculture of latino young males who are arrogant,spoiled,and have no respect for anybody or anything. Plus- most have their Mustangs bought from the home equity of their still hard working parents.
I would be for tougher laws. I would like to see their cars confiscated. Its ridiculous that you can do donuts on the bay bridge- and get your lethal weapon returned. If penalty's are a slap on the wrist ..they laugh and say being caught just adds to their reputation. They turn it around.
I know how they think,seen them too often..most don't have a GF, they are working after HS in dead end jobs because they could never get into college unless they study hard. Never gonna happen with that subculture.
The parents in their 40 's work hard..and young Latino males just go around with chips on their shoulders. Well,a subculture of young Latino males. But I tell ya- it ain't so sub as to be just one-lol. I wish.

July and warm weather die.

What a near punch in the gut! 10F knocked off the daily temps. Its ok-fair in the lower 70's..But I like 80f. That's what I want.
San Franciscans? I feel yer pain when its 59 and grey. You SF citizens wait all year for summer to happen...someplace else!
Btw. San Jose really misses the boat on weather. Their weather people NEVER point out,brag,crow about the warm San Jose summers. Same for the politicians. I don't get that. KNTV should be using prose to call the days highs. The city's palm tree's give it a "suntropical look" phrase pat pen..

KNBR staff- if striking? needs to play hardball.

Film the rich ones crossing a picket line. Record the expensive Euro cars blowing past picket signs. Record a Chrysler Pacifica driver giving the finger to strikers and see if the Auto company wants that publicity.
Lets see the coldness of Lee Hammers face on YouTube.

Yep,Cumulus execs coming and going..all on YouTube by "KNBR Man" lol.

Remember when BASG was defending Green driving 120 miles per hour? "We all go over the speed limit"..

That mighty thinker plays his hand as village sell out over and over. He has bills to pay? So do no non whores!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Is there really a free will?

Since rules of the Universe can never be broken...does that not mean every particle since the big bang-expansion from a single point has followed a course it can never change?
Free will is like a teacher telling students "Do what ever you want,but never break the rules". Well,that's not doing whatever you want is it? So if a nothing being on this planet has a plan we partially follow.. I would think the Ultimate rule..rules all. Not a good rule,Loving rule,bad rule, or judgmental rules. But rules. That you can do nothing about.
You cant wish anything to have to do it . Blood sweat and aggravation and pain. But,look back as you get older..and everything just screams "set up". Go egotistical if you want "I was made to be better" or "I was dealt the worst hand". Either way,you had no choice.
Uncertainty principle? Only an illusion in the way we look at it now. It might be more certain in a century. As it stands,its a barrier to knowing everything. Like the Pacific Ocean in ancient times and those waves that are alike..but different. I digress..hee.
Even if the future is set...its still an unknown. Just the same as free will. But not.

More about fins on cars..

Just see if Audi puts a fins on a new car. Breaking the whole streamlined egg look of every car on the road. Others will copy.
I mean,it was Audi that started the whole blacked out fake giant radiator air intakes on the front of cars. Now Ford Escorts have that. Imitation can be flattery and a joke at the same time.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Here's something for your mind that's good for you. I promise.

Laurence Krauss the star to thinking humans everywhere. Listen and Learn.

CHRIS DAVIS!..when does he get traded?

The A's fans mantra.

And then the 10 pm Radnich sports..

I cant watch all he does. So,I recorded it and just watched.

Yeah- he's got this thing now where he puts Aveson down for getting a little sports spirit. Almost sets him up. "Get a hold of yourself Steve"..something like that deadpanned when Aveson brought up Bumgarner. Making Aveson look like a kook. Moore? No nothing at Steve's jokes.

Lodes? Definitely bummed out at the everyday act. Plus,I bet a little grossed out at Raddy's 8pm joke he's going to watch Lodes wife walking around the newsroom.

Soon Aveson will get tired of " I tried every trick I know to get along with the guy"..and will just ignore him as obvious as can be. You bet.

Really,the best way for anybody at KRON to get back at Radnich? Just ignore him. Go right back to reading the news.

Radnich marriage a bit shaky?

I suspect that his fantasy world has cracks in it.  When you go all day and night telling people you have a perfect life and the wife adores every poop you make? Reality can bite back.
Last night Radnich first got miffed that Grant Lodis was standing too close to his wife and chatting her up as the English would say.  She and Lodes were on the side of the set off camera.

Later,as they were reading viewers questions,she answered one that told her that if she got tired of the old man,he was in her age bracket. First Radnich laughed at the very idea....then his wife said "Send me a tweet photo of yourself"  The set got quiet for a second.

What I noticed too? Radnich went back to calling Steve Aveson "Stevie". Pam Moore sitting between the two? Was not smiling the whole time. She really looked uncomfortable when Radnich's wife said send her a photo.

There was tension. The camera don't lie. Aveson nearly knocked his glasses on the ground. Radnich told Lodes that he was going to keep an eye on HIS wife Justine. "Fair enough" said Lodes who looks really tired of shtick now.

It all goes back to Tuazon where I think,Perro lost control. He let Radnich bully her to the point Radnich liked the power and then months later went after the family friend Heenan.

Radnich? an ass from day one...but sort of held in line. NOW? he's just a runaway crazy train at near 70.

PS..Just look back at my Justine new hairdo post. I called last night didn't I?

Friday, July 15, 2016

BASG on Yahoo. But NEVER Guru,Darold, Tres Amigos. BASG knows nothing!

That's racism for all to see. BASG..just another slob who likes sports,no journalism background,he's a guest.
I don't see that respect for the people of color who wake up one day like basg and say- I want to tell you! ..sports version. see the host and two more of all the same complexion..blatant.

btw,I think I went through the total amount of young color that gets on sports air in the bay area. And  don't blink or you will miss them.

My million dollar idea. "The Virgin De Guadalupe Beer".

For all those who worship the beer can. And maybe chilled piss water.

How many abortions have Trumps daughters- and wives had over the years?

Like the his bankruptcy's and taxes,how much of  his family's history does he sweep under the carpet?
I would not doubt for a second,its been a common procedure for all the Trump men to pay for.

Radnich and Krueger..

They NEVER fantasize about other woman (or?)!..only their wives! all the time 100%. See? That's the kind of stupid hypocrisy those two try to foist on the public of their fantasy private life. Laughable.
Larry NEVER gets drunk and belligerent!

Nice weather..near a steady 80f every day.

About time. Its what I miss in the long cool winters..that can get darn cold near the end of December as my tropical plants will tell you.
Balmy,mild breezes. Cool but not cold nights. I would compare to the typical San Luis Postosi weather in Mexico. Some consider that the best weather in the world. You avoid steamy hot low tropics..yet,still tropical.
We got good weather and great water. Its the other...

Guru and Darold pretty good.

They should be more prime time more often. I would listen. I'm listening now.

Real Estate agents who ruin the bay area. Redlining down low.

I've seen my neighborhood go from  old people and younger people who look alike,just stay long enough to build up equity and cause trouble being that real estate agents have distilled the lowballs out of their clients and steered them here.
Dumb and want someplace to be a playland for your hot rods? Real Estate agents just pepper Hayward with those types. They wont even try to convince professionals to gentrify the city.
I know.

Justine Lodes- preggy and new do ..

She took the advice of Mr. Stan ,got a new do. Looks good.

She also in the new tradition of anchor woman said F-U to dedicated to the job and not have children,of the 70's-90's woman in TV media. Or media in general.


I think too Mr.Lodes has said something to Radnich..he backed off the attacks that were getting more frequent on the Mr..
And of course tonight Raddy will put a curse on the family as his response. Predictable.

Everything out of KRONS Gary Radnich is "Please hate me more"

One second the terror in France,the next its like what he lives...just such a stupid low life comparison.

Like his fantasy as journalist and family man. Yeah,he married a woman that somebody couldn't wait to divorce and he was dumped by wife no 1. The foundation of a perfect christian marriage! btw- I can tell her side doesn't like Radnich. If you saw her nephew on kron last year. lol- Radnich wont be bringing him back !

He needs to brag about his money more to his minimum wage "staff"..well,co workers but he treats them as minions,not co anything.

His own mother tells him he's an ass.

What more does he need to know?

Radnich: THEY are trying to ruin me!

Why? Because of what you say-what you do is posted on the net?  Stop being an idiot. Your own co -workers cant stand you. Who's fault is that?
Who ripped Cathy Heenan on air?  You.

Stop living the lie you are good old Gary. You ruined Diane Tuazon's San Francisco job.  I don't read a good thing about you or hear a good thing on any show that you are not part of. YOU are poison to all those around..including the airwaves.

Talk about living a old angry bitter right wing ass.  Go tell more story's of a 30 year long grudge and how good you feel that person has to make a living.

Big Talk about living a lie.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I predict: Fins will make a comeback on cars.

You watch.

Tesla: We back our technology. LOL. End clear sunny days.

A fatal accident. The hazardous conditions the car was in on auto pilot? CLEAR SUNNY WEATHER!
Oh boy, can't blame the car for that!
We all know clear warm sunny days are hazardous.

Have you noticed that everything wrong about the Mercury sports,Kawakami is behind it?

His ego is catered too so much that even comments NOT under his little blog "Disappear" nowadays?

I can't believe how the editor and Diamond can't be big boys,but take orders from The Kawakami Kid. Napolean Bonakami. Tim Hitler. Tim the Hannibal Kawakami.  What he wants, his minions do.
I don't think Al and his own minions were wrong about that guy. No,I do not.

Remember Rolando McCain's smiling mugshot?

I do. AND who misses him? who?

Trump wants Bobby Knight clone as running mate. Indiana.

Figures the state that's so shallow as to elect a man who got all his behavior and how to do his hair tips from Bobby Knight, is wanted by the Trump campaign.
Indiana just spills it gar- boj all over America. Even Letterman near the end.

SF gasoline proces highest in the nation. Yet,no S.F. mayor has ever made a ruckus about that. Huh.

A city that is surrounded by refinery's being gouged for decades..and yet no Mayor has ever taken on big oil and their lies.
A city quality of life issue ignored. Seems to me it would be a popular issue with the people. Why wouldn't a politician want to be popular?
Maybe the city could tax those refinery's? With a no- pass- on -the- cost clause? Close loopholes. I bet those company's that comply would find less huge and gigantic profit much better then company's banned in SF?
When will this country ever pit one giant company against the other and let free enterprise work on them?
I get tired of the wealthy pitting the middle class vs the poor. Shameless.

Will Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz ever treat large black woman?

Some of the best looking real woman that show up on"Dr. TV" seem to be blond. Great legs. Shapely figure. They don't even have to be born blond.
Who knew so many needed to be treated?

I want to play Dr...

Monta Ellis,Bogut,Green...

Its kind of obvious young players cant handle their ego when big money is thrown at them. They think if anything big money and ego are supposed to go together. Why else have money?
Bogut? He really got a head full of himself. Not the guy the Warriors brought in to resuscitate a slumbering career.
It seems to me problem players don't change. Out of basketball,broke and older don't count. Sprewell stayed a thorn to every team he went to-right? His career didn't end because he couldn't NBA team thought what he could still do was worth dealing with him.
I think in Thompson,Curry,and Durant,what the Warriors could get from other teams would dynamite. Team with Green is team landmine. You never know when or where.

Draymond Green's happy mugshot.

If there is one thing a clown does? Its smile for a mugshot  I notice Radnich and KNBR have said nothing about it.
The more I see of Green,the much less I like.

Remember the Raiders LB?..

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

KNBR UNION rally..its a start.

If I worked there I would hate the on air guys to no end. They are members and WILL use the Union if they ever need the protection. Now? All selfish bastards. Biggest bastard is Radnich.
Yeah,I think KNBR on air people would need to constantly check their tires to see how round they are...
ps. Sad that Kate Scott- who had to eat for years from Radnich,didn't stand up with the boys.

British PM flashes cleavage and creamy smooth skin....

She's got a nice shake a booty walk too.  Too be a young British PM aide huh?

Heather on 2 is in the smooth cleavage category I see..closely in HD..

Why does Mark Spears have such a hard time saying Green is wrong?

Just say it.  Don't pass the blame. See,when you make players your friends..there goes being objective.
Let me point pout that its one thing to break NBA rules,but this is TWICE now in months Draymond Green has broken the real world law.

Jessica Castro. Covering SF for KGO7.

I saw her today. In the tradition of the bay area petite ( if not short) latin beauty.  Anna Chavez,Terry Lowery,what's her name that does ABC news,on and on.
She's from Brazil. Speaks three languages plus amor..ah,kidding. Sometimes I cant pass things up.

Amazing results when you find punks home and have police visit them.

Hayward PD were a bit exasperated by me,the great complainer of all that is wrong, but they knew those punks had to be dealt with. It's taken time for me to get photos and addresses...but a few home visits..and quiet has broken out. No more skids marks on the street - straight or in circles.
My best advice is don't ignore them- Oh I had family tell me that as "they might hurt you" but get pro- active. A camera and keeping the pressure will do it.

You've read of hoods rid of drug dealing doing that? Same for hot rodders. Ignore them? Makes them think that if we ALL do that? Then the illegal is legal. F- that,I say.

Fight for yourself because nobody fights as hard as you.

PS- Mom was right. Bullies run when you confront them. Cowards. They need night time and a block head start- in a vehicle no less!- to get their courage going.

Radnich rips Joe Hughs...goes for his jewels.

In saying  "Joe is angry today"..he meant HE Radnich was angry because of the labor meeting today and how Radnich wants his fantasy world to trample that.
Radnich did the "I will tease that nobody offering him to host my show"..throw the dog Hughes a bone.
He's an evil man.

Radnich compares himself to Kim,JZ,and Draymond!

Even Darya knew he was once again answering a question with an answer more about Gary Radnich than the celeb of the day.  "Hecklers are just ,blah,blah, and You have to be famous,blah,blah,to be heckled"   He never says "If you are a jerk and bully woman your whole career until they are forced to leave their jobs- while I keep mine- and then go on bay area radio and say I root for the Dodgers,and Bret Favre is better then Joe Montana,then I get heckled".  That would explain it all.

 Even Darya wasn't buying it. The end of the segment she sort of flopped her shoulders like she just paid back another day of the deal with the devil.

Imagine how many times she has had to bite her tongue on a Radnich lie or half truth? She must have tongue of steel.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Damon Bruce goes on raving Lowell Cohn impersarant.

Lowell,wrote what all others in the bay area media wrote when Bruce stepped into a can of rotting misogyny a few years ago.  Yet,only Lowell does he resent. No problems with his GF Ann Killion.
Is it because Lowell is Jewish and Bruce thought he was ethnic stabbed in the back? All I can think of.

KGO Spencer Christian has new weather graphics. I think maybe possibly.

Or,I just noticed. Large easier to read. I salute that. Nothing wrong with large type. TV should use more.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Amazingly,Radnich retracts on blame the victim. Admits its a pattern also of Green.

The 8pm news was not like the 6pm..

At least he isn't totally bonkers. He still should have told Cathy he was sorry last week. Would have defanged his detractors quite a bit.

Yep,Gary Radnich happily attacked the victim AND forgot about Green's past. Huh.

Radnich has it backwards. When you are old you stand yer ground. When you are young and a whole life ahead of you with 80 million dollars? Something wrong with you that cant be cured going around slapping people. Not to mention being a serial testicle puncher.
See? Radnich says it ok because the victim is "a nobody". Ordinarily I'm all for punks getting what they deserve. But THIS? was dumb from Green. He goes to where the punks are..and expects what?

Well,the Warriors can wait until Draymond grows out of it..around 50.

btw,Dan Ashley called him Dray- Mont. I forgive.

A tip from Stan to KRON to get Pam Moore more sociable.

Every few story's look into the camera, lean forward, and say " Steve,back to you". Sort of a retro Action news team thing. Retro could help KRON.

I mean, she avoids saying the guy's name every single day. Says Gary,Britt, all the time though.

The Warriors MUST trade Draymond Green for a quality center NOW.

Move him while he's worth something. He's not the Warriors big three,and I'm sure another big would make the team steam roll in the playoffs.
Any of those OKC centers would work. I here OKC is history anyways.

Mike Savage the Weiner has never been right beforehand in his life.

One thing you will notice about his show- He never says "I called it"..because he never has the prescience to foresee anything other then the 4th of July is on the 4th of July.

NY Times best seller? yeah best seller doesn't mean its any good! sells. Like a viral video making somebody coin because they swallowed Cinnamon. Hell,I've seen paper thin books by MTV people that were NY Times best sellers. You have fans? You sell.

I CALL things. Luke Walton to the Lakers my best latest. You also read about Billy Beanes thoughts before the sports media caught on.  Did I not call Radnich meltdown over Heenan?  weeks before I tweeted- still there to see- to Radnich himself "You sure like to pick on woman". I also wrote on my blog- I could feel something was going to explode at KRON...bada bing,bada...uh,bo.

Like I see the future. That's talent.

Steph Curry..wrong answer dude.

Instead of  saying "If you cant afford my basketball camp, try my brothers its only $200".  Jeesus. That's not only a slap in the face to his brother, its like admitting the guy is right!.

See,what he should have said is "I am in the prime of my career and I have several charity's I support. My camp is not a charity".  See? Explains all.

Don't the Warriors have anybody to handle bad PR? I mean a well spoken dude who can give Curry a call when he reads some pit opening before the star player?  Advise what to say.

Like what I did.

No sports for four days! I'm shaking hands trembly.

When was the last time we went four days in the bay area with no pro sports? Football fades into Basketball that overlaps Baseball..and Baseball goes into Football.
THIS IS UN NATURAL!..alert the authority's!  The pain and shame...

P.S. All Star games never count. Never.

Bip Roberts says "Josh Reddick traded".

He said he heard it..and if it ain't happened I bet it will if Bip is telling people.

The team cancer of Draymond Green spreads.

Who told you first? who! Me.  When KNBR and the local sports writers looked the other way,I said he's going to cost the Warriors a title. Damned if he didn't. Oh,plenty of reasons to fall...but Draymond was first to hit the brakes after the team was up 3-1.
Then,you have his tirade against Kerr,his doing 100mph-- putting people's lives at stake on the freeway,and putting that on the internet like the dumbest moron in the room.

Some people can't handle fame and money. Like dumb arrogant people.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Science says "I think therefore I am" is not true.

I watched program that busted that old Descarte chestnut and also blasted the only thing real to you is pain. For example you don't feel a thing when somebody else is stabbed. That was another old philosophic belief.
We are not one part. Our minds have many individual parts.  It was a long hard to explain program. But it convinced me. We only think we see colors. Ask physicists and they will tell you of electromagnetism and wavelengths..but color does not exist..color is what our brains create.

Hey- did you know if you took a strong magnet and held it to the lower left side of your head...just like what happens to a TV..YOU will see false colors?..well,everything will look grey. Weird huh?
That lower left of the brain is in control of visual colors.

There is really no you. You is a composition of a lifetime of experiences. No wonder old people don't seem to be the same as they were years ago...that person is gone. 20 year old's will never get it. They think when you turn 80 you turn 20 +60 more years.

We are soulless organic machines. Living in urbania has taught me that more than science.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hayward cements over world renowned curb. Typical "Dont give no damn" action by the city.

The curb used by engineers and seismologist to study the Hayward Fault line..rebuilt by a city that has so many priorities it ignores.
I tell you,the apathy of city government is rampant. Kids on bicycles who don't wear Helmets? I was told by a councilman "Nobody cares"! Incredible.
A few years ago they cut down a 800 year old Bay Tree. Why? Nobody knows. The native monarch tree-the worlds oldest-killed in a city that just panders to the stupid.

I could go on. Its just depressing to see a city with the attitude that thugs are ok as long as they buy SOMETHING here. Ya know what I mean?  Not exactly aiming high for city success.

One last? On the positive side..Hayward did not fix the Hayward Fault. I would check the new curb in a year after taking measurements yesterday, as I'm sure some Seisyguy must have done by now.

George Carlin 1974.. not funny?

I was watching an old Carson show from June 1974. I can't believe how bad he was..jittery,mumbled. Bad jokes.
See? He pulled it together later. Still,how did he get that far?
His one funny joke? "We put Jesus statue's on the dashboard facing us- not facing the traffic where we need him!"..then "Hey Jesus,watch me drive a hard left with one arm!".
After that joke it was crickets.

btw.George Carlin's heart attacks I notice are never named as being caused by his heavy drug use. Lets face reality,we know that those "arrhythmia's" he had as a young man were a heart short circuited on cocaine.  He probably would have lived to 90.
Oh well,I liked George,he meant well.

The Giant's Pena's Mariachi Walk Up song. A first ever.

That's different. A Latino who didn't choose a distinguished rapper hopper.  Not sure,but it could be the start of Volver,Volver. Ah,so many sound alike.

American Sniper..comes home.

The whole fad with sniper movies finally made its effect. Oh,you KNOW that guy saw every one of them. Cooper,Jason Bourne,Marky Mark without the funk bunch, all them and many others made hero's. Sniping is a good thing.
As predictable as can be.

Radnich wife tells him he's a nice guy. That's one.

I was thinking that before the Kates,Dianes,Britts,Dave's,Bloomberg's,Steve,Charlies,Petes,Toms,Dan's,Vanessa's,Damon's,Scott's,Wendys,
Emeralds,Rick's,Britt's and Cathy's,?...
.. There was a Pecon.

Radnich would tell him " I love you". Then,when he no longer needed Pecon? It was get the hell off my show,and don't drop in. Go spend you're minimum wage someplace.

Ah,Radnich, so much love emanates from the guy.

btw,Radnich says ALL those names? Haters.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Stan finally says goodbye to Wedgewood Stove circa 1958.

I think I saw the year stamped somewhere on it. Its been in the family since the 70's. The old gal just was getting too ..worn.  The steel grid over the burners? Were thin and a bit warped..some pans would slide on it.
It was a hard decision. It still made fire. Fire still boiled water.

Then I got the new one.  I never knew that some stoves are better at fire then others. Who knows that?...this new one heats up oil FAST. I just made my best fried chicken ever. No need for a deep fryer I guess. Moist inside, gold brown outside- just like the commercials.

Ok,I got to admit the old one wasted a ton of natural gas with the pilot light making the stove 95F all year. The burners on the stove i had shut off years ago to save moola. The oven pilot had no shut off.

And on the old stove?- the nobs on that old stove were of some 50's type plastic..chipped a bit. No replacements.

YET..i hated to do it. It had chrome everywhere. A clock (with dangerous cloth wiring) that screamed 50's look.

One last ? The old gal weighed like a Cadillac. The new one? phht,I could push around with one arm.

New is better than old.  I think.

The big Newark Fire is lucky it happened in summer, says expert.

Huh? "Smoke goes up ,not flattening out".  Well if it was winter,maybe there wouldn't even be a fire. Wet things don't burn too good I hear.

Speaking of in and out..Raddy really getting the out from KRONoids. KRON ratings down.

Britt had been sort of interacting with him. Now,she clears out.

Steve? seems to laugh AT him,not with him.

KRON ratings must be down. Radnich said today when he's not being goofy all the time,its because ratings are not good.  He's cut short his goofy insulting talk lately. Hence,KRON ratings must be down since I doubt KRON managers would tell him "Keep doing whats putting our ratings in a nosedive,costing us sponsors and also driving away talent we bring in".
I have my doubts.

Frank Somerville does not bother me - does he bother you?

As LynardSyknard would ask.   I'm not sure why 415 media hates him with a passion. Could be Frank told him off once on the phone?  

Anyway's Frank is neither in or out with me.

On the lighter side...Aveson thinks of "shut the hell up Radnich".

My offer was almost accepted.  Radnich: "You ride a bike don't you Steve?"  Steve,smiling.."No ,I don't."
But the smile had "I'm thinking of Stan's offer" written all over it. You know it!

Two days ago,times were good. Local anchorwoman were dressing light.

You can always tell by the change in what Anchorwoman wear that something has gone bad lately. They are covered head to toe.

Jason Barret stops giving ratings for sports shows.

I guess the backlash from the industry was so hot and heavy he has not mentioned bay area ratings since December and ratings in general for any area in months.
I brought that up because Radnich- a chronic liar- WEAKLY said his knbr ratings are "good". I don't see how they could be better then the poor ratings he had in December. Kruger I might add did not endorse that statement of Raddy's.

Look,nobody at knbr has been taken off the air in years. That's the Giant,49er and Warriors machine. THEY decide if the homer can stay or go. THEY KNOW Radnich will never attack ownership..THAT'S whats important. Same for the rest of the knbr klones.

Unless you think Ray Woodsen who now has been on for years, is a ratings hit.

Creative killing and Martyrs is the fashion. Thank You NRA

The NRA has armed the country to the teeth.  The love for guns in this country is now making a 3rd world feeling. Its not safe to be anyplace at anytime.
If we are around in 3016? Wiki will talk about the NRA in the same way as they do  Slavery,Nazi's,Cigarettes, or even a flat Earth.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Irony,Dallas,Snipers. Popular? Sniper movies,Video Games,V for Victory. NRA blocks gun control..

All that is going through my mind right now.  Its watching modern society evolve into killing machines.
The NRA has ruined this country..really crippled it. Decades of hundreds of millions of guns..Everybody has one except me!
I'm still alive. Barely.
If its going to get worse..where do we hide?

Science? They said the reason we haven't found another civilization out in the Universe?..because once they became very means any part of one develops the power to destroy all the rest. They like us would have stayed in the tree's if all we really wanted was peace.

Here we are just starting out into advanced weaponry...and its obvious that there might not be a 3016 in our future.

At least lets hope the animals can inherit a Earth still habitable.

Plus I wont be around to see the real down and dirty Earth. Those Science fiction movies might be close.
Yes,many thoughts.

Hubris cost the Warriors the NBA championship.

"I dont need to call a timeout. I can just sit back and watch" thought Kerr the last 4 minutes "I don't need to be careful" said Curry as he shot wildly missing the rim and then passing behind his back to the stands with one minute in the game"
"We will ALWAYS have time to win this game"  Thought the team as they played little defense and little passing among themselves.


Kate Cagle must be on vacation.

No new tweeters from KRON's popular reporter.  The ones that stand out must have huge leverage when the field has so many average and newby reporters.
Cheaper for big bizz to offer more vacation time then more salary.

Minnesota IS racist! Hard to keep up with so many shootings..

That's a different story.

Doesn't surprise me. I had a Hayward PD officer come to my home. I told him I had a photo of a punk to show him. What did he do? No,not come in..he undid his holster-trigger thing.

Look,I know whats what. I see the Police side since I hate punks more than anybody. Yet- Like I said a couple of times..shoot THEM, not ME.

I live in the real world. I get it.   Rampant violent crime in bad neighborhoods reaching the better ones..terrorists.

Still,lets save getting upset for people in Minnesota shot reaching for their registration...not somebody who just knifed another, and is walking down the street looking to do more damage.

Shooting our criminals? Racist!

How dare they shoot our criminals doing criminal acts with a gun that don't surrender. Outrageous!..just because they were running away? They weren't hurting anybody AFTER they mugged a guy! (true- a guy in Detroit is suing police for that very act)

Why are the news readers skimming over "They had a gun" and the "They had a stolen car,broken a car window,or were illegally selling something out in the open?"

I wonder why the background of some these "oppressed" people weren't given more often? Drug dealers longtime petty thieves, longtime hard core criminals and gang members?

Not one of those family's have raised a peep that big business is paying no taxes,that the military industrial complex makes our schools among the worst in the first world.  To me, THAT'S oppression.

Weather is too damn San Francisco.

Whats this, throwback week? Pre global warming? Have Redwood forest returned to coat Oakland? Do youths only cross the street at crosswalks once again?

Its near cold morning and nights. Just when you settle in to 80 and dials down almost 10 degrees.

Good weather for roofing or working on the car. Only I don't need a new roof and the car runs fine. So,bring back the heat.

Kruger does "pity interest" in Radnich's "Who's married to who".

I guess - as always- if I point something positive about the show- like how fast Kruger changes the subject when Radnich re-tells the same who's married to who in soucal for the last 30 years- That Kruger now feigns interest. "Tell me more Gary!"

Really,Radnich doesn't even care if its fake interest- he acts like its really interesting shit and will go on until you stop listening to the show.
Larry showed me and thousands of others.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I Stan,will pay Steve Aveson $10 American,if he just once tells Radnich "Just shut the Hell UP".

With no smile. Smiling violates the contest rules.

Example : Radnich to Steve "Steve you once hung out at that strip club didn't you?" Aveson,deadpan as can be,maybe clenched teeth "Just shut the Hell Up,Radnich".

$10 American.

Annie Hong has cute tiny babay.

Did you see the pics? What a tiny bundle- look:.
Ah how cute and funny. I forgot babay's can be so small.

When you feel really down and in the dumps?...

Think "It only takes 1 cents of manure to fertilize the nicest Orchid".   Make the best out of what you have is the moral...and it might get what you what you don't have? Can't promise that.

wow- Bochy blows a sure win for Bumgarner.

With his el stinko bullpen he pulled a shut out throwing Bumgarner in the 7th?

Bochy repeated the Dodger managers bone head no hitter loss to the Giants early this year. What did I say then?  This whole pitch count thing is now what every conservative manager does no matter what the situation. Its sheep thinking,lock step action.

Bogut skipped the finals...bone bruises?

The Warriors said he had a hyper extended knee- then. Now? Its he was bruised and that was enough for Bogut to sit out the last 2 games.
The attitude of that big man is basketball is just a job. He's an exec..and he takes time off when he feels like it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

KRON's Stepin Fetchit..Mike the floorman..

Radnich always turns to him to back him up on all things black.  Yez Bozz!..Or is he Rochester?

Radnich never asks him about wine or golf or Bentley tips.

Peavey back from the wastebasket.

Give him credit..from stunk to a winner.  Its a long,long season.  Give "the blind bat" a salute!

Where's the NASA channel when you need it?

When I had DISH,i got the NASA channel. Comcast? I get hippity hop channels for free.

 I want to see what Juno has done,whats the latest and ..nothing but the same paintings of what it might be looking at are on the internet. I want NOW!.

Stanpower gets Cathy Heenan her job back. No. 1 fill anchor.

If you have power-use for the good I say.  And it was dirty of Radnich to force Heenan off the air for nearly two months.
KRON has put Cathy back on - Radnich or not. Good

Plus the punks around here are very quiet.

Hmph,don't mess with me.

ps,Radnich should cut Cathy a check for what he's cost her. F, "welcome back".

Keba Arnold. She doesnt need the aggravation.

I think she realized,she can't change the voice.

 Although Keba said on her FB that "I wont miss the colorful clothes". Hmm,I thought she picked them out?
Who knows?
Better she becomes a spokesperson for some city around Sacratomato.

What a punk told me..

"You're just making things worse!" He was angry because I call HayPD when I hear M bombs and all out speeding by the house.   Worse?  Yeah, worse for him!...good for me!

Its been working. It really has gotten better in this neighborhood.  The punks know I'm not bluffing..and following them to THEIR home and taking pics of car and home address? Works also. It take the revenge factor out of their thinking because I have had only a couple of homes around here that seem to cause most of the noise and general low life activity.

The people in the hood should give me a medal..but they wont. Its like expecting Radnich to man up with Cathy Heenan and say she was right,he was wrong. Never gonna happen.

Great. SF shot off a ton of Fireworks nobody could see and they also polluted the bay.

Check out the beaches near the fireworks..all that floating toxic paper..not too mention what rained down into the bay. Its really an incredibly stupid example for the public..who of course try and do the same thing.
A tribute to war and no ecological education. Good for 1776 thinking.

Based on the Fourth of July,humanity will not last long.

I might have joked about conservatives and mushroom clouds in celebration,but hearing what I hear nowadays on the fourth? The moment the urban crowd gets their hands on one? They would use it just to see thousands of people become walking X-ray,El Rayo X, photos. Fun,and couldn't care less who died.
Its scary who's out there as the typical American.

Radnich is Mark Spears biggest fan. Lucky him.

Biggie Smalls!,African American!,My wife is black- did I tell you lately?! Crackers!.Honky,Heavy Metal,bad!
Mark ? He says Durant is a good signing.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Advanced Aliens still use Saran Wrap.

I'm watching the classic "To Serve Man" on the Twilight zone Marathon. At the end the victim is fed sandwiches wrapped not in zip lock,oh no,but the far advanced saucer builders prefer the old tear sheet plastic wrap.  You can forget Styrofoam containers.the super advanced beings prefer those old fashioned metal picnic plates. They make a nice ringing sound when thrown to the ground dramatically.
Its so hard to imagine 50 years in the future huh?

Coward Radnich comes in the back door for the 8pm news.

Cathy no doubt must go home in the other direction.  Didn't he swear last year he "Loved" Cathy Heenan? I'm sure he did.
Boy,is his career ending in the septic tank or what?

I hear in conservative areas they set off 4th of July Mushroom Cloud firework Bombs.

Yeah- they cover a whole city with dazzling blinding white-as if 1944. Just bring really dark sunglasses for the kids. Retina's you know...

Steve and Cathy light and breezy...

I knew it. Despite that Radnich did the morning thing with Daria,when I saw Steve Aveson and Cathy Heenan doing the 6 pm news? That had to mean Radnich wasn't going to show up . I guess he must have called in sick after being healthy in the morning!

I mean you could feel also the better spirits of Aveson and Heenan who didn't miss the Gary Radnich laugh buddy Pam Moore. It was the best KRON hour in years. Not one bucktooth amateur or any Jessica Savitch party girl anchors or sulking Divaitigo.

Radnich  is such slime. For 23 year Heenan laughed at his lame jokes,befriended the guy,even for some ungodly reason let Radnich put his head on her bosom "To show the new Helmet rules"..jeez.
Now,she's on his s- list for not taking even more abuse.

Well,hopefully she can enjoy New Years in the warm instead of Watching Radnich with Viki is my first guess. Lodes? Second. Unless Radnich asks him again if he knows what he's talking about and he wished he had a rifle to shoot Lodes. That might be too much.

Bogut plays in fear of pain.

I get it..he tore up his arm and elbow..horrific pain. Yet,he did recover. Only as we saw the fear of getting hurt controlled his every move.
When you make millions you tell yerself you don't need that shit again,not go through that EVER again.
Hence when fans and coaches were vocal at his delicate nature? His attitude changed to " I just have to show up". He got obnoxious. I think he just about counted up the minutes he played. Over that, he quit with the effort.
Dallas will see the same thing eventually.

Bogut to Dallas. When you were good,you were..

But,he would be as bad as Beidrens too often. I mean,when he got an elbow in the rib? HE TOOK HIMSELF OUT OF THE GAME. C'mon,I could see it wasn't ever a hard swing...and Andy did a Monta Ellis of grimacing like it was a bullet wound.
Mark Jackson was right. If Bogut slept wrong,he was out for a week.

Durantula to the web of Joe Lacob.

Joe has grown on me. I see sort of an intellectual equal in Joe.  Unlike Beane and Wolff and Fisher who would never consider paying a superstar for the A's long term. They can't grasp the concept.
Yep, I could have been his Peter Guber. Pal,confidante and just skate the tails of Joe for millions.

Yes, I know Tarantula's don't make orb webs. I took artistic license.

Stan,always seeking the truth and why's.

I thought I would have grown out of that years ago. Its like you learn to understand one thing..then find a higher fence is behind that. You HAVE to see whats on the other side.  I do.

Why doesn't San Francisco just stop with the Fourth Fireworks?

Its a joke all the way around..foggy frisco never has a nice 4th..warm and clear evenings,it also seems to be against the "Welcoming pacifist anti war spirit of the City" with the nationalistic display. A tribute to war with faux bombs and the destruction they represent.
You would think SF would have come up with a better socialist way to remember the fourth. Feed the hungry all over the city. Or a Downtown hug-fest of a million people. That sounds nice to me.

Celebrate the peace,with quiet introspection and hugs...not the spilled blood of war explosives.

When I'm mayor,things will be done right.

My Fourth of July tribute to readers and America,The World.

Yeah,man. I got my shades and Flat hat on. Bee-bop brother.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The difference between Mexican Cartel stone age thinking and ISIS stone age thinking..

So,I just happen to put it on TV Azteca. A talk show with 6 under 25 beauty's wearing minimal clothing. Super short skirts,plunging,plunging,necklines. There,on the wall I spot hanging a big painting of the Virgin De Guadalupe. Not kidding.  Picture the Kardashian kids talking trashy,looking trashy,shallow as can be...that's what this show looked like.

ISIS wants to put woman in their place. So does machismo. That place would be sexy and in total view-lol.  ISIS hides woman behind a veil. Machismo tells woman..a veil is all you need to cover yer whole body, baby!

Funny the similarity's between the drug cartel Machismo and ISIS.   Both have no mercy. Both are primitive...except when it comes to the science of killing. They both seek engineers to use the tools of throwaway lives..Mules or Martyrs.

But,uh,the woman....same thing,but totally different.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Its always best to use a chainsaw to fight a flying Great White Shark.

I'm still chuckling about that stupid commercial. I'm now intrigued.

SHARKNADO!..Why I really don't know everything or gamble.

I would have bet everything I own that the original Sharknado would flop,or tank so to speak. I was so sure just reading the Guide,it would be watched by crickets. Who would be entertained by that? SO stooopid.
Yet,I was wrong.
Now,they are making sequels with bad and naughty girl Tara Reed who hit the jackpot with the original.
I might just watch. I'm only human,flesh and blood a maaaaaan..

Marty Gonzales is back. Everybody's favorite Mexican. Usually.

Also- Len Ramirez. I had totally forgotten about him until I saw him the other day on-let me look this up,wait,..KPIX. I thought so. I must have been in my 20's when he started.
I think he has anchored..but that was years ago on weekends.
That's 2!
Still ambiguous on Reggie Aqui. Since there was a Filipino president named connect the dots.
I never seem to catch the early,early, morns on KGO. I can't watch media 24/7.  I'm too close as it is.

Mad as all Heck and not going to take it...

The title say sit all.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Any reason Viki is constantly looking at her phone ON AIR?

More Kron amateurism. The crappy views of the KRON unwaxed floor. Gee, how does Alicia even come within ten yards of that?..the Radnich follies..and now Viki who is like the fading beauty queen constantly seeing how she looks in the mirror. For one thing,stop with the industrial strength botox Vik. That's not natural. You can hardly keep yer eyes open. Unless we are getting back to the nonsense gibberish talk of last year and the cause...

Gee,no wonder KRON stalks me uh?  Hey ,maybe Viki is looking to see the next Stan post?..I bet.
They get what they deserve from me. Including Mike the floorman. What a dope.

Pam Moore skin bleacher? I remember her being darker with curly hair...

There used to be on the net photos of her at Detroit- looking quite a few shades darker. Those seem to have been scrubbed from the net and only the later Pam Moore photos are on line. You know,the ones where she's strictly at black only events where she is also the lightest skinned black woman over and over,from event to event in the photos. I think she likes that.
I guess all those freckles are from vitoligo. Lucky her to get that huh? Or?...Only her doctor would know.

Pamela Moore acting like Steve's not coming back. The backstabber.

She's really evil. KRON the CULT. Even if he does come back..the way she freezes him and the trouble Radnich creates? they both should be dumped. Do the bay area and the news business a favor.
How many times is the hypocrite of Radnich going to be forced on us? He hates that players get paid more in a day then he's made in 30 years he tells ya. Yeah,Raddy's not in it for the money,he's not jealous of real talent..he is all big heart.
Ask Cathy. Diane,Kate,Emerald,Wendy,...Steve and counting.

Oh no. Friday when Gary Radnich tells everybody he has the perfect family,the perfect wife,the perfect teeth..

So,that last gives you an idea. Like his recent "I never yell". I'd like to see his 20 kids take an oath on that. And Alicia surely obeys his every no need for them to argue,ever. As he tells it.
Yep he's a regular Guru Gary of love.

I wonder how many times she's walked out on him so far? Or he wished she would?

Can't quit yer favorite foods? Here's why..

Things that are bad for you that you eat too much of? The reason some say is that bacteria in your digestive tract love those same foods..they by the millions or maybe billions are giving off chemicals to yer brain to go get that ice cream and Oreo cookies. Put together,they run you,they OWN you!-Its not your fault. I didn't think so.
Sounds logical.

Will Steve Aveson even return?

I have my doubts.  Gee,don't he know Raddy is a big hearted guy who only "teases"?  Who can't handle that?
Radnich? He LOVES when HE's teased on air..yeah,the more clever and cutting the tease? He appreciates it. Make him turn red,he loves it. One day somebody at KRON will try that.

I did it again. I write about driverless cars..a guy makes headlines trusting his.

Like I see the future.

You know,maybe Tesla should make a speed limit on auto pilot? Like anything over 15mph? Sounds like good sense to me.

Died playing Harry

Laughably Radnich paints himself as the Voice of Reason. More the voice of greed and nutty..

After all the things he's said? He wonders why anybody would get angry? When he rips all day..he says its for the show. Even Kruger ain't buying that.
Also,his shock! at how upset people get at sports,players,teams? What kind of idiot doesn't get that?
I guess when you have no passion in your life for anything "Eh,more kids Alicia? might say Raddy, They get the bent car dirty".. Then sure you can say people are in a fantasy world.
He's crazy,and big bizzes perfect tool. "Mason McDuffy are my friends!". THEY he has a passion for. And the money.