Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Amazing results when you find punks home and have police visit them.

Hayward PD were a bit exasperated by me,the great complainer of all that is wrong, but they knew those punks had to be dealt with. It's taken time for me to get photos and addresses...but a few home visits..and quiet has broken out. No more skids marks on the street - straight or in circles.
My best advice is don't ignore them- Oh I had family tell me that as "they might hurt you" but get pro- active. A camera and keeping the pressure will do it.

You've read of hoods rid of drug dealing doing that? Same for hot rodders. Ignore them? Makes them think that if we ALL do that? Then the illegal is legal. F- that,I say.

Fight for yourself because nobody fights as hard as you.

PS- Mom was right. Bullies run when you confront them. Cowards. They need night time and a block head start- in a vehicle no less!- to get their courage going.