Saturday, July 16, 2016

And then the 10 pm Radnich sports..

I cant watch all he does. So,I recorded it and just watched.

Yeah- he's got this thing now where he puts Aveson down for getting a little sports spirit. Almost sets him up. "Get a hold of yourself Steve"..something like that deadpanned when Aveson brought up Bumgarner. Making Aveson look like a kook. Moore? No nothing at Steve's jokes.

Lodes? Definitely bummed out at the everyday act. Plus,I bet a little grossed out at Raddy's 8pm joke he's going to watch Lodes wife walking around the newsroom.

Soon Aveson will get tired of " I tried every trick I know to get along with the guy"..and will just ignore him as obvious as can be. You bet.

Really,the best way for anybody at KRON to get back at Radnich? Just ignore him. Go right back to reading the news.