Friday, July 1, 2016

Any reason Viki is constantly looking at her phone ON AIR?

More Kron amateurism. The crappy views of the KRON unwaxed floor. Gee, how does Alicia even come within ten yards of that?..the Radnich follies..and now Viki who is like the fading beauty queen constantly seeing how she looks in the mirror. For one thing,stop with the industrial strength botox Vik. That's not natural. You can hardly keep yer eyes open. Unless we are getting back to the nonsense gibberish talk of last year and the cause...

Gee,no wonder KRON stalks me uh?  Hey ,maybe Viki is looking to see the next Stan post?..I bet.
They get what they deserve from me. Including Mike the floorman. What a dope.