Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Comcast does Barry Zito tribute. His Republican views are just like the Exec's of Comcast.

What a laughable program. A Barry Zito tribute. A quarter billion dollars for the man who got lots of exercise and warm summer sun.

Where's the Jose Canseco tribute? He EARNED his money!

What next, a medal of honor for Zito?

Do you now see who really runs the world? Do you?

A Barry Zito tribute. wow. Imagine the chain of command who approved doing that.

We all know in Oakland Zeets was hopped up on ..uh,something. When he got to the Giants..what the hell did he need something that shrinks a man? Gone was the pin point pitches for the next 7 years. So obvious. All of the A's were on something back then.