Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Darya must have been embarrassed to death.

Why does KRON even try to make Radnich out as some kind of humanitarian? Why? He doesn't do things for free,or for charitys,he does not do things like ice bucket challenges...he does nothing but for himself. Yet,KRON like this morning has Darya do a Maddens World..oops,Gary's World (rip off of Madden's voice and manner) segment about a boy with a wheelchair confining illness who  did the Marlins lineup. Radnich? "Yeah,great. But they didn't play yesterday so it must have been"..and then Darya says "Oh,ok,you got me it was Monday night"  Radnich couldn't have cared less about the courage of the kid. He's the guy who embraces Sid Rosenberg. You think he spends his time with empathy for a kid with M.S.?
Radnich who has multiple families still pushing that he's a wholesome dude. LOL.

At least stick with being a selfish shock jock trying to do anything to live a large life. Why he wonders so many people won't buy into his character of Daddy Raddy? He's a joker alright.
I hear Radnich set up a "Go Fund" account so he can get out of his older used Bent car and step up to a brand new Rolls. Why? "Because I always wanted one". That's why!

Darya? The wide eyed innocent teeny girl act is another character that needs to be dropped...