Thursday, July 21, 2016

Gary Radnich pompous ass..still plays with people.

He's back to claiming he "teases people" for a living. Ah,what a self delusional lie. He should have been fired by now if kron HR had any standards.
His fake marriage,his fake teeth,his fake knowledge of anything. Cathy? already back to taking it from Radnich. After all the country saw..she's back with her abuser. An old story and one Radnich takes advantage of.
One good thing is..Aveson is starting to dish out just tiny portions. Radnich? "I can take it Steve".. Well,good for you. You took somebody not agreeing with you on air at kron. Wow,what a huge man you must be Radnich.
Still no sponsors for the shock jock and his shitty world.

One saving grace from God? He reads hundreds of the meanest nastiest social media posts of anybody in the bay area every day. What he deserves. And many more...