Saturday, July 9, 2016

George Carlin 1974.. not funny?

I was watching an old Carson show from June 1974. I can't believe how bad he was..jittery,mumbled. Bad jokes.
See? He pulled it together later. Still,how did he get that far?
His one funny joke? "We put Jesus statue's on the dashboard facing us- not facing the traffic where we need him!"..then "Hey Jesus,watch me drive a hard left with one arm!".
After that joke it was crickets.

btw.George Carlin's heart attacks I notice are never named as being caused by his heavy drug use. Lets face reality,we know that those "arrhythmia's" he had as a young man were a heart short circuited on cocaine.  He probably would have lived to 90.
Oh well,I liked George,he meant well.