Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hayward cements over world renowned curb. Typical "Dont give no damn" action by the city.

The curb used by engineers and seismologist to study the Hayward Fault line..rebuilt by a city that has so many priorities it ignores.
I tell you,the apathy of city government is rampant. Kids on bicycles who don't wear Helmets? I was told by a councilman "Nobody cares"! Incredible.
A few years ago they cut down a 800 year old Bay Tree. Why? Nobody knows. The native monarch tree-the worlds oldest-killed in a city that just panders to the stupid.

I could go on. Its just depressing to see a city with the attitude that thugs are ok as long as they buy SOMETHING here. Ya know what I mean?  Not exactly aiming high for city success.

One last? On the positive side..Hayward did not fix the Hayward Fault. I would check the new curb in a year after taking measurements yesterday, as I'm sure some Seisyguy must have done by now.