Friday, July 22, 2016

I bet you Gary Radnich browbeats his family. Just hammers them with no choices.

All that giggly Gary is a cover for all the whispers of his passive aggressive ways. His own failures to be a macho man like his dad,instead doing a public persona of a wimpy clown.
But when he tells story's of his private life? And when says he doesn't care about anybody not in his house? I believe him. I believed him when he said he browbeat an old piano teacher for asking him to be quiet during- a children's recital for gods sake- and THAT'S ALL it took to set him off.

Same as the warnings he gave KNBR workers that he would get them if they mentioned the Cathy Heenan embarrassment on air.

What I don't believe is when he tells the others sides. That's when I can see he's a habitual liar. Never a blink. He can lie like a problems. He's proud of it to himself.

He treated his nephew like dirt on KRON last year ..and the kid returned the favor on air live. Yeah,I remember. He looked like he wanted to punch uncle Gary.  Radnich? just tread on the kid like he was a steppingstone. Kinda wiped his feet on him by coming back with " How are you related to me?"
THAT must have went over big with his wife's side of the family.

I bet he's strict..and they BETTER NOT EVER make him look bad. Most important thing of all.