Thursday, July 7, 2016

Irony,Dallas,Snipers. Popular? Sniper movies,Video Games,V for Victory. NRA blocks gun control..

All that is going through my mind right now.  Its watching modern society evolve into killing machines.
The NRA has ruined this country..really crippled it. Decades of hundreds of millions of guns..Everybody has one except me!
I'm still alive. Barely.
If its going to get worse..where do we hide?

Science? They said the reason we haven't found another civilization out in the Universe?..because once they became very means any part of one develops the power to destroy all the rest. They like us would have stayed in the tree's if all we really wanted was peace.

Here we are just starting out into advanced weaponry...and its obvious that there might not be a 3016 in our future.

At least lets hope the animals can inherit a Earth still habitable.

Plus I wont be around to see the real down and dirty Earth. Those Science fiction movies might be close.
Yes,many thoughts.