Sunday, July 17, 2016

Is there really a free will?

Since rules of the Universe can never be broken...does that not mean every particle since the big bang-expansion from a single point has followed a course it can never change?
Free will is like a teacher telling students "Do what ever you want,but never break the rules". Well,that's not doing whatever you want is it? So if a nothing being on this planet has a plan we partially follow.. I would think the Ultimate rule..rules all. Not a good rule,Loving rule,bad rule, or judgmental rules. But rules. That you can do nothing about.
You cant wish anything to have to do it . Blood sweat and aggravation and pain. But,look back as you get older..and everything just screams "set up". Go egotistical if you want "I was made to be better" or "I was dealt the worst hand". Either way,you had no choice.
Uncertainty principle? Only an illusion in the way we look at it now. It might be more certain in a century. As it stands,its a barrier to knowing everything. Like the Pacific Ocean in ancient times and those waves that are alike..but different. I digress..hee.
Even if the future is set...its still an unknown. Just the same as free will. But not.