Friday, July 8, 2016

Jason Barret stops giving ratings for sports shows.

I guess the backlash from the industry was so hot and heavy he has not mentioned bay area ratings since December and ratings in general for any area in months.
I brought that up because Radnich- a chronic liar- WEAKLY said his knbr ratings are "good". I don't see how they could be better then the poor ratings he had in December. Kruger I might add did not endorse that statement of Raddy's.

Look,nobody at knbr has been taken off the air in years. That's the Giant,49er and Warriors machine. THEY decide if the homer can stay or go. THEY KNOW Radnich will never attack ownership..THAT'S whats important. Same for the rest of the knbr klones.

Unless you think Ray Woodsen who now has been on for years, is a ratings hit.