Friday, July 29, 2016

KRON ratings must be sinking...its all happy faces.

Not that harmony is wrong..but its KRON.  I notice that Radnich is short with his stupid opinions,and even though he complains a new producer tells him to just stick to the time he's given,he's sticking to the time he's given.
Steve knows people are watching close- lol..and he's doing his best to keep up a front. When Radnich says (over and over too much) that "Steve and I get along" sounds like the little bully in school in front of the teacher.
I uh,don't hear Steve saying anything in return.

Radnich does have the very annoying habit -I'm sure Steve would agree- of when Steve makes a funnee..Radnich stops and analyzes it and decides if it was funny.  Radnich? He would be livid to get that in return. Like he was when Aveson first started at KRON.