Monday, July 18, 2016

Latino youth caught doing donuts on the bay bridge.

See? Its what I fought here. A subculture of latino young males who are arrogant,spoiled,and have no respect for anybody or anything. Plus- most have their Mustangs bought from the home equity of their still hard working parents.
I would be for tougher laws. I would like to see their cars confiscated. Its ridiculous that you can do donuts on the bay bridge- and get your lethal weapon returned. If penalty's are a slap on the wrist ..they laugh and say being caught just adds to their reputation. They turn it around.
I know how they think,seen them too often..most don't have a GF, they are working after HS in dead end jobs because they could never get into college unless they study hard. Never gonna happen with that subculture.
The parents in their 40 's work hard..and young Latino males just go around with chips on their shoulders. Well,a subculture of young Latino males. But I tell ya- it ain't so sub as to be just one-lol. I wish.