Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Radnich claims he has never ripped anybody. Kreuger says nothing. Hypocrites.

Once again Radnich made the bizarre and delusional claim he's never ripped anybody. Oh,sure he said he never ripped a person on a tweet. HA!..After he spends 3hours in the morning ripping and then until midnight on KRON..he gets all his rips out.
What a kook. He even followed his "I never say he sucks" with ripping Jim Harbaugh who Radnich regularly ripped..funny considering I never in the years Harbaugh was in San Francisco even once saw a Radnich interview with the coach. But, he ripped him anyways over and over.

Wasn't Radnich ripping bloggers all last week? I do believe he do.