Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Radnich compares himself to Kim,JZ,and Draymond!

Even Darya knew he was once again answering a question with an answer more about Gary Radnich than the celeb of the day.  "Hecklers are just ,blah,blah, and You have to be famous,blah,blah,to be heckled"   He never says "If you are a jerk and bully woman your whole career until they are forced to leave their jobs- while I keep mine- and then go on bay area radio and say I root for the Dodgers,and Bret Favre is better then Joe Montana,then I get heckled".  That would explain it all.

 Even Darya wasn't buying it. The end of the segment she sort of flopped her shoulders like she just paid back another day of the deal with the devil.

Imagine how many times she has had to bite her tongue on a Radnich lie or half truth? She must have tongue of steel.