Saturday, July 23, 2016

Radnich got it backwards last night. HE turns on people,not they turn on him.

Like his peace with Rich Lieberman lasted only 2 days..then Radnich ripped the guy. Same for Cathy Heenan..Radnich turned on HER,not the other way around.
Steve Aveson will learn..learn more. He's seen plenty of the Radnich ego so far. Play both sides,never leave the safety of his studio-lol. All the Radnich rotten ways.
Radnich turned on me- remember?

Steve? He's not dishing out the compliments to Radnich who just begs to be patted on the head. Not getting that.

One day he will turn on Aveson. It would be too good to be true for Aveson to truly turn on Radnich. A zinger is best case..wink.