Saturday, July 16, 2016

Radnich marriage a bit shaky?

I suspect that his fantasy world has cracks in it.  When you go all day and night telling people you have a perfect life and the wife adores every poop you make? Reality can bite back.
Last night Radnich first got miffed that Grant Lodis was standing too close to his wife and chatting her up as the English would say.  She and Lodes were on the side of the set off camera.

Later,as they were reading viewers questions,she answered one that told her that if she got tired of the old man,he was in her age bracket. First Radnich laughed at the very idea....then his wife said "Send me a tweet photo of yourself"  The set got quiet for a second.

What I noticed too? Radnich went back to calling Steve Aveson "Stevie". Pam Moore sitting between the two? Was not smiling the whole time. She really looked uncomfortable when Radnich's wife said send her a photo.

There was tension. The camera don't lie. Aveson nearly knocked his glasses on the ground. Radnich told Lodes that he was going to keep an eye on HIS wife Justine. "Fair enough" said Lodes who looks really tired of shtick now.

It all goes back to Tuazon where I think,Perro lost control. He let Radnich bully her to the point Radnich liked the power and then months later went after the family friend Heenan.

Radnich? an ass from day one...but sort of held in line. NOW? he's just a runaway crazy train at near 70.

PS..Just look back at my Justine new hairdo post. I called last night didn't I?