Sunday, July 10, 2016

Science says "I think therefore I am" is not true.

I watched program that busted that old Descarte chestnut and also blasted the only thing real to you is pain. For example you don't feel a thing when somebody else is stabbed. That was another old philosophic belief.
We are not one part. Our minds have many individual parts.  It was a long hard to explain program. But it convinced me. We only think we see colors. Ask physicists and they will tell you of electromagnetism and wavelengths..but color does not exist..color is what our brains create.

Hey- did you know if you took a strong magnet and held it to the lower left side of your head...just like what happens to a TV..YOU will see false colors?..well,everything will look grey. Weird huh?
That lower left of the brain is in control of visual colors.

There is really no you. You is a composition of a lifetime of experiences. No wonder old people don't seem to be the same as they were years ago...that person is gone. 20 year old's will never get it. They think when you turn 80 you turn 20 +60 more years.

We are soulless organic machines. Living in urbania has taught me that more than science.