Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shooting our criminals? Racist!

How dare they shoot our criminals doing criminal acts with a gun that don't surrender. Outrageous!..just because they were running away? They weren't hurting anybody AFTER they mugged a guy! (true- a guy in Detroit is suing police for that very act)

Why are the news readers skimming over "They had a gun" and the "They had a stolen car,broken a car window,or were illegally selling something out in the open?"

I wonder why the background of some these "oppressed" people weren't given more often? Drug dealers longtime petty thieves, longtime hard core criminals and gang members?

Not one of those family's have raised a peep that big business is paying no taxes,that the military industrial complex makes our schools among the worst in the first world.  To me, THAT'S oppression.