Tuesday, July 26, 2016

S.I. swimsuit issue. An Asian woman on page 133. Latina? nada. With a Chubby...girl.

wow,Considering how many white men marry Asian woman you would think more then just ONE would make S.I. and even then on page 133.
Latin woman? Well,most of the white woman had a real nice golden tan...but none were named  Maria Sanchez.
As a matter of fact the white woman chosen looked so much alike it was like clones...same hair,same poses.
On the cover was a plus sized model with a belly. Ironic,because that same model has gone on a diet and woman are howling. Why? Because the the door opened and she wants to be as beautiful as any woman,not a plus woman.
I thought myself that Erin Heatherton was the most beautiful. I mean,she was the most naturally blond and fair skinned. What a woman is supposed to look like at "10" We all know that.

The average age of those models? 22. So,you see my point about woman at 50 in the FOX news and elsewhere being frustrated that THEY have to stop aging. And men can be like Eric Thomas or Gary Radnich can keep their present look- Hideous.