Friday, July 8, 2016

Stan finally says goodbye to Wedgewood Stove circa 1958.

I think I saw the year stamped somewhere on it. Its been in the family since the 70's. The old gal just was getting too ..worn.  The steel grid over the burners? Were thin and a bit warped..some pans would slide on it.
It was a hard decision. It still made fire. Fire still boiled water.

Then I got the new one.  I never knew that some stoves are better at fire then others. Who knows that?...this new one heats up oil FAST. I just made my best fried chicken ever. No need for a deep fryer I guess. Moist inside, gold brown outside- just like the commercials.

Ok,I got to admit the old one wasted a ton of natural gas with the pilot light making the stove 95F all year. The burners on the stove i had shut off years ago to save moola. The oven pilot had no shut off.

And on the old stove?- the nobs on that old stove were of some 50's type plastic..chipped a bit. No replacements.

YET..i hated to do it. It had chrome everywhere. A clock (with dangerous cloth wiring) that screamed 50's look.

One last ? The old gal weighed like a Cadillac. The new one? phht,I could push around with one arm.

New is better than old.  I think.