Monday, July 4, 2016

Steve and Cathy light and breezy...

I knew it. Despite that Radnich did the morning thing with Daria,when I saw Steve Aveson and Cathy Heenan doing the 6 pm news? That had to mean Radnich wasn't going to show up . I guess he must have called in sick after being healthy in the morning!

I mean you could feel also the better spirits of Aveson and Heenan who didn't miss the Gary Radnich laugh buddy Pam Moore. It was the best KRON hour in years. Not one bucktooth amateur or any Jessica Savitch party girl anchors or sulking Divaitigo.

Radnich  is such slime. For 23 year Heenan laughed at his lame jokes,befriended the guy,even for some ungodly reason let Radnich put his head on her bosom "To show the new Helmet rules"..jeez.
Now,she's on his s- list for not taking even more abuse.

Well,hopefully she can enjoy New Years in the warm instead of Watching Radnich with Viki is my first guess. Lodes? Second. Unless Radnich asks him again if he knows what he's talking about and he wished he had a rifle to shoot Lodes. That might be too much.