Sunday, July 3, 2016

The difference between Mexican Cartel stone age thinking and ISIS stone age thinking..

So,I just happen to put it on TV Azteca. A talk show with 6 under 25 beauty's wearing minimal clothing. Super short skirts,plunging,plunging,necklines. There,on the wall I spot hanging a big painting of the Virgin De Guadalupe. Not kidding.  Picture the Kardashian kids talking trashy,looking trashy,shallow as can be...that's what this show looked like.

ISIS wants to put woman in their place. So does machismo. That place would be sexy and in total view-lol.  ISIS hides woman behind a veil. Machismo tells woman..a veil is all you need to cover yer whole body, baby!

Funny the similarity's between the drug cartel Machismo and ISIS.   Both have no mercy. Both are primitive...except when it comes to the science of killing. They both seek engineers to use the tools of throwaway lives..Mules or Martyrs.

But,uh,the woman....same thing,but totally different.