Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tim Lincecum. 2-5. 8.49 era. Throws lowest strike to ball ratio.

Its the sun setting on the Lincecum. He's not freaky,he's pablum. Vanilla pablum.

At 32? Sure it makes sense..except he's been on the down-slide since he was 26..and I'm sure his off the field and off season intakes of substance ruined what might have been ..well,he's had a fantastic career...but how about even more fantastic?
I have to salute him. He never pulled a Matt Cain or a Zito or Aaron Rowan. Stealing money with lies about 'roids,unknown,untold injuries, and what have you.

Tim's velocity is back down also. Not throwing strikes..its just a total meltdown. At least when walks away this time he wont wonder if he had more left. He doesn't.

Ya had a great career kid. Nobody can take that away.