Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jessica,Natasha,and Alexis, that's a powerful trio of womaness.

A powerhouse for KGO at anytime let alone early in the morn. Jessica and Alexis have national Anchor woman looks,Natasha..close. The hair is not national level. Too long,too ethnic.

If it was the old days..Alexis would be the power blond morning anchor co hosting with power ethnic looks Jessica. Things are different now. That rule is broken,and often.

I don't catch the morning news that much..I'm just sipping coffee to peace and quiet nowadays. I never have caught Reggie doing anything flamboyant. If he hadn't said he was gay months ago,I would have gone on thinking he's chasing the skirted secretaries downtown.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KRON 4 starts off 6pm news with African American crime on elderly,woman,and a taxi driver outnumbered 4 to 1.

It was non stop for ten minutes. If you didn't fear black people before? You had to to afterwards!
THEN..they did the Kap story of protesting against the police. Ahhhh,I got it. It made Kap look like a kook blind to whats out there via KRON.

Will the Dodgers get Chris Davis?

Beane if he had to do it over again? Would give away Josh Donaldson to the Dodgers. He's kicking himself right now.
Now,he's got Chris.  A chance to give a superstar away and get back at Sabean for winning World Series. That know it all.

Radnich goes weird on day one. The KRON humiliation goes on..

For two weeks KRON gave superior newscast...then Radnich came back and took a dump live on air "I want to kiss Steve right on the lips"..only,he kept saying it,and I believe that Radnich meant it more then he pretended. He liked the idea and his laugh was weak. Aveson,at first went along,but the third "I want to kiss you" got silence from Steve and he kept the frozen grin all who work with Radnich develop.
So,how much does Lodes like being a flunky? Mark Carpenter for two weeks needed no help to do the sports. Lodes I bet never asked to help.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Obama says Juan Gabriel transcended borders...

Funny because Gabriel was so flamboyantly Gay,the word tran would come to mind. Another case of a country ruled by religion and very conservative values calling another teams best soccer players fags in San Jose- remember that embarrassment?,and yet looking the other way when Gabriel sold a jillion records...selling out his concerts.
It reminds me of Michael Jackson who did all he could to not look African American or adopt black children..and African Americans never said a bad word about him.
I guess I don't get idolatry.

KGO 7 new set,same as the old set.

Only they painted it white. They must have made the inside guts out of gold if they spent big bucks on that.
I could have gone to HD and bought 10 gallons of Baer white,painted the old wood tone set and you would not be able to tell the difference from the new set.
Somebody in the design bizz ripped off Disney.

Amy Hollyfield says "High speed rail by 2025 if man is still alive".

Like the Sager and Evans song prophesied,Amy threw a horrific scare into me. Well,she would have if she added the man is still alive part. I put that in.

boy,this got few views. I guess a reference to a 1968 song isn't hip as I thought.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

KGO cameraman hates Lisa Argen.

He kept it above the ankles. Not flattering.

Woman shoes fetish lovers KGO is yer station!

Since I'm close to normal on that.. I can see why some would get the recorders ready when Sandya or Francis walk on by in sexy shoes. I, uh,just enjoy it live. I'm sure though that stills will show up on the internet someplace one day. shame. Woman spend a fortune on them..put much thought into them. The reason is- sexy shoes are what men love to see woman in.
You don't have to be sex therapist to have insight to why.

btw- Frances has sexy calves..woo-woo. lol.

Coldest August in San Francisco since 1942. I told you.

I was first to say it...its been a miserable for August month. Usually its a balmy evening right now. Last night it got chilly as soon as the sun went down here in Hayville.
The whole month..not a single 90f here,and in San Francisco? ONE lousy day over 70f. I cant take that. Sorry,love the whole freedom to be, and cosmo and great food of the city. I just hate the thought of living with no summers there. Its an interesting Half Moon Bay.
We struggled to reach 80f here...but did have quite a few 77f. Not exactly Singapore or Miami..but nice in the sun.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

To KRON. Tell Radnich not to return. Keep the adult newscast.

If KRON had any gumption..they would drop the right wing Forest Gump known as Radnich. Get rid of Anchors ducking his weird ..compliments. That's how strange he is..his compliments are so forced and over the top and shallow "I love you" from the man who then follows with Donald Silver was set up or "I took my 8year son to see where Kaps friends raped that woman" that's just a normal fatherly thing to do. Even when he pretends to be nice? Its strange.
Plus if you know anything about cars? That ride of his spends half its nights at the auto repair shop..something he NEVER brings up.

He cost sponsors,or KRON is forced to sell time cheap- to save face.

KRON is better off without the guy and they must know it. He's only good on radio. On TV? He's just an embarrassment.

Bake him a cake,give him a card,and a good handshake and retire that 70 year old face.

Complaints about Stan on 415.

Most are jealous.I know that. They want to have all they send posted "Its greater then Stans!"..wrong,but they don't know that.
A good chunk are sensitive to me pounding the truth button. They don't want to know it or read it or have it come from somebody they wish they could just tear apart.

One thing I have strongly in my favor is.. my calls have been right on. From Billy Beane looking to get out of the GM title..NOBODY but me even hinted that was on his mind let alone get it dead on. To catching ESPN's Lin racist jokes first..then a week later the rest of the country caught on. Plenty more of that over the years. Nancy Snyderman,Lincecum,..I've forgotten more of my firsts than other bay area writers have ever done and list on their resumes.

Too much Stan is always for most, too much truth. The Chronicle Sports is a lapdog for the Giants. Yahoo and Comcast the same. So of course I'm going to be by comparison a loose cannon- heck loose nuclear warhead.

I take on those who look like me,those who don't,those who I would run with ,those I never would..why not just lay it out there as I know it?
I am only beholden to my beating heart. Not Cumulus or Comcast or the Giants and John Fisher's clan.
Like it or lump it, world.
Yeah,excuse my language,but Lump OFF world!

Jason Applebaum's Asian wife.

I might have even less respect for him considering he brown nosed Radnich who made it obvious he has no affinity- nice word- for Asians..Asian woman,Asian culture or food.
I guess when you brown nose to get ahead you tell yourself anything about somebody you need to get ahead.

Is it just me,or is the internet thrill worn off off the world?

Its more like the toilet. Use as needed by so many now and that's all.  You don't see the great interest in being able to post comments like before. I read less then half of one percent who read something leave a comment.
The thrill is gone baby.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Rock born in Hayward. Some other positive facts...

We not only have a University- but also a college. Very rare for such a small city. Tom Hanks went to Chabot college. Clint Eastwood once lived in Hayward as a teen. Jonee Miller,voice of the Gigantes is a Haywardite
Not just a BART station..but two BART stations also. I walk one block to San Francisco and Oakland you might say.
If you look around,we have a large number of those 50's styles Burger joints,Casper's Hot Dogs,Eatery's and lots of neon signs.
The hills..just nice round mounds of green in winter.
The best bay area weather,the best water...just waiting for what turned around other sleepy towns into something nice.  Waiting.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

That nutty Mason McDuffy commercial by Gary Radnich...

Yes! they must be GIVING away money if after 24 year's their good pal and neighbor Gary Radnich has come down from Mt. Olympus to endorse them..aka commercial. That he's being paid for.

Because his KRON contract has gone down,he lost the Comcast and 49 postgame jobs and Radnich is now eating crow of the past.

He used to say he would never sink to endorsements. Said it for years.

So 'scuse me at laughing at his "sincere" commercial.

I'm ugly,that's ok,you're ugly too...

Loving my grunge era lyrics.  "I'm a loser,I'm a creep,what the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here"..."You said you would love me until you died, your gone and you're still alive".."I'll eat your cancer when you turn black"..
Just self hating to the extreme and all over the radio to catchy tunes. Its never been so fun and dark since.
"The stupid, are contagious...."
"I'm a loser babay,why don't you kill me?" ..Fun!
"Took her back because she's hot and I have no self esteem".  Rolling in it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

People are moving in and out of Hayward at a record rate...

I was talking to somebody who talked to some people down a few blocks that are moving out. Yep,they are moving to get away from the punks with motorcycles,big dogs that bark and that asshole punk attitude.
I see for sale signs all over..people buy,live here a few years..signs go right back up.

Something is really wrong with our mayor and city council..heads in sand. They you might notice have nothing to say..Since the mayor was elected?..haven't heard a peep from her. Nothing.

Have you seen them answer reporters question about the crime wave? No.

Ask me. I will tell you. Spoiled barely literate pot smoking low life family's are being steered here. Old timers as you might have seen in the TV reports are afraid of them.

Its as if progeny of San Quentin are pushed on us.

Hayward police make news with the over the top criminal acts..but I tell you,they could make 10x the arrests if they put their minds to it.

Drive around..for sale. Then "Sold".

Piggy and Bombastic commercial,my fav.

Right now the funniest commercial running is the eccentric couple (eccentric? what is that?,ehem)walking the piglet to Bombastic.
I never knew that was an old song. As a matter of fact I was sure it was sung by some old toothless Jamaiican. THEN, I see the vid on MTV classics.

Once again,I think I might have heard the song back then..never stuck with me in 1995.
I'm a rocker type. I was all alternative by then.

 Even some of the those horrible 1990-1995 Metal ballads are either I hate or I never heard because I just tuned out when they came on MTV.. I FF them even now on MTV classics.

So,I'm Mr Bom-bastic.,Mr. Fan-tastic oooooh...

Michelle Obama in 2024!

I saw the light. I had a vision. Miz President in '24.  Write it down!

KRON sailing along without Radnich.

Smooth..the newscast are much smoother,devoid of awkward everywhere as when the Sports Director does his twisted view of reality.
Arron Pero who insists Radnich run roughshod over all other KRON anchors reminds me of  Lew Wollf to Billy Beane "He has a system that works"..despite the last place finishes.  Nobody is happy working in those systems,and really no proof that they are better then conventional accepted ways.
Its the propaganda that Radnich makes ratings for proof.

More are tuning in because of Aveson than Radnich. HE should be asking for a raise.


 The Heather Holmes song...

Trumps wife- an illegal!

Melanoma is not here legally. She snuck in and hid after only being sponsored in 1996.  Send her back to the salt mines of Slobovia.

Monday, August 22, 2016

San Francisco goes back to cold summers..

The last two summers San Francisco had plenty of 70' many it was like "Hey, a SF summer ain't so bad after all".  Then this summer. The pacific current is below average and dragging SF even down below historic averages. How many summer days where The City struggled to break 62?
Its good for wildlife..seals,anchovy's ...Blue Whales.
The good thing for me is that Hayward is not dragged down as badly. Still,we are not having the lows in mid 60's like last year this time. Cooler nights this summer. Like I said though..our lows are almost as warm as SF's highs. So counting my blessings for only 20 miles away. The central valley is still cooking as always. Too hot!

Sandya Patel and her sexy shoes..

Last weekend Im watching the ABC new on ch 44? or 20?..whateva.  And for the first time in all the years she's been doing weather,the camerman showed her below the knee and all the way to the floor.
So,you get a glimpse of all of her for once.
She had on these..heeled shoes that were very high. If she's 5'6"? then with those shoes she was near 6'.
Not stiletto heels..but they were up there. Nice legs..if she wears shoes like that I would suggest shorter skirts to match. Her were at the knee.

If this is a trend? To see the whole weatherwoman? Its a good one. Might get Britt at KRON out of those white sneakers she always has on.

These anchor woman spend a fortune on sexy shoes,then producers deny us the right to see them. Deny,deny,deny. End it!  Now!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Versace commercial and the 90's.

You have to follow this...
I'm watching something on TBS last week and a commercial comes on. Its in black and white and has a bunch of male models in their undies running through an alleyway behind one beautiful woman. Then,it changes to two guys in a boxing ring,after a few punches- one grabs the other and kisses him.  The next scene,the boys is running in those $100 (maybe more) Versace suits down the streets.
It reminded of those 90's Commercial in black and white with Benecio Del Torro and the gorgeous Heather Graham. Ben,who was never great looking as a male model?..luck of the draw. He was in the right place at the right time. Me at 24 was better looking if I do say so myself...

And what does this all lead to ? Well,I was trying to remember a song from the early 90's for wouldn't come to me. That Versace commercial had the look of that video. Tickling my synapses.
Then- I'm watching MTV classics..boom. There's the song that I had been trying to re grasp for days. "Sadness" by Enigma.
7 degree's of the 90's and me.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Frank Sommersville upset at Donald Trump statue makers.

"Its disrespectful and never would have been tolerated if it was of Hillary"  Maybe because it wouldn't have been funny if it was Hillary,Frank. Like when certain people say the n word while you had better not.
Plus- it wasn't even realistic. Like who gets upset at editorial cartoons of giant ears on Obama?

Tim Kawakami loves fame..the first to tell you he's famous.

Even when he writes "..on The TK show" reeks with vanity. 

MTV 's real world and 1990's vids..

Comcast either added MTV classic or they added it to the basic package. So,for the first time I'm seeing it. Not in HD. That would be too hard for Comcast.
So,I'm watching what was the best part of my life..that not very young,still young enough age.

Funny,but one the one real world I've seen...they get lost in a van. Now? the blind can't get lost with GPS ..soon to be driver less cars. Getting lost,what a concept.

NO cell phones,no mention of internet. They play with the old Magic 8 balls of the 60's. Fashions are still sort of cool. Just the other week I saw at the Hayward Flea Market a young gal in summer dress and black boots. Huh,like Liv Tyler in 1992. But, I guess the 4 non blond boots are of the past. Like those late 80's shiny black shoes.
If I can see that much change since the 90's..what the heck is coming up? Its really just a blink in time.

Ed Sheeran sued for ripping off Lets Get It On. What took so long?

One of my early posts on this blog was- How did that guy get away with not being sued? Its the most obvious and blatant theft in music history. There is no need to investigate,the guy is guilty.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lund and a bad arranged marriage.

I think Tom wants to strangle his betrothed. Because he's sure not interested in what John Lund has to say.
At least he respected Ray Ratto. Lund is like an annoyance..forced on him.

omg- Is that how the show is now going to sound?..ooof. Dull.

Papa at least has Dibley to gaggle and snort at his jokes. I doubt that 95.7 wants to go with Dibbler again permanent. Maybe.

I could almost hear Lund thinking " I left the no.1 FM show for this?"

Yeah,Lee Hammer can't be happy with what he hears. Wasn't his idea.

Who is this competent sports host on KNBR 10-1 pm?

He's bright,genial, a bit funny. I like him better then deeper voiced angry and acting like a guard dog for his master guy, that was there before.

New technology again ruined by cheap quality..

I'm replacing my toilet handle for the second time in three years. That makes 3 handles in three years including the original.
I think my father rarely had to do that. I bet toilets made from the 50's -the 1970's had handles that mostly lasted as long as you had the toilet. Chances are you updated the home and tossed the old crapper out. With all working parts.
Now? Its plastic where metal should be. Plastic threads on a handle is muy malo. Something set to twist that often needs to be metal.
Uhg,Now I think the float valve is wearing out.

Damn them cheapo manufacturers and Home Depot for even carrying parts they KNOW are below standards. IF Home Depot had standards themselves.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

KRON news last smooth. Adult back and forth.

Its not me..KRONers are all breathing easy without the boogey man to harass them. I bet- if ratings were measured over the time BM is gone? They will have gone up. My feeling? KRON and Pero don't want to know that. So,no readings for the time period. I just know how power mad people think. You can't admit its a better newscast if..well,no proof. Just common sense says- its WAY better this week.
Damn,nice to see no constant fending off the BM's big movement's on set...
Its the best KRON has sounded since last year. His other vacation.

Synchronized the hell?

Did that become a sport? An Olympic sport to boot?  Its laughable.
Why not Synchronized hot oil dropped on heads sport? For all the castle attacker fans!

 Lets call anything a sport.

Giants got a strong case of loseritits.

No matter what part of the club does something right..another part manages to lose it. Giants score 7 runs? Pitching gives up 8. 
When the Giants loaded the bases yesterday with no outs in the ninth? I knew they would blow it. If you were sitting next to me you would have heard me at the sight of Buster Posey call " A triple play, - the Giants lose!" then he does the double play.. a weak dribbler too. Same difference as the triple.

Rich Lieberman's Makovec blindness.

As I tried to point out..he never mentions that Ann is obese. Instead of blaming "PC" or whatever excuse he sticks too,KPIX had to have told Ann for years now- lose weight.  She has only gained instead.
Same with Sarah Sidner or Rita Cosby,woman with beautiful faces..but cant push the plate of food away. So,they are journeywomen now.
There has never been a long time female anchor in the bay area with weight issues like Ann's. She got more years then the rest.
Oh,I tried to point out the obvious...but he's not listening. Blaming Maria and ethnicity?...get off it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What if God is not a people person?

I see more examples of God being indifferent then I do all encompassing love for all. Heck,It looks like he might be as Grant Lodes or Taylor Swift would say "A hater who hates".  They would say that - not me.

I'm not going down the list of today's tragedy's..but if that be love? Leave me out. That spirit can go help the next guy. Well,I will take lotto wins supreme ruler help. Cheat for Stan.

Maybe God likes rocks more than people..he made a lot of those. Flying all over space. Everywhere you turn,a rock. I've met people who seem to have rocks in their heads. Yep,he loves rocks.

No need to test me by making me survive a drowning..I will take your word for it ruler of the Universe that drowning is a bad thing.

 Have a nice day!

Drew Hofer and those other guys...

Make a decent show in the morning. Not as pandering to demographics ( Dude?,duuuude,Dude!) as Mick and Mack on knbr.
Still,plenty of homerism that they need to reign in. The defending of Kelly was atrocious. Making excuses for a bad job when they should just have stuck to he's doing a bad job. A demerit on the trio for that.
Unless Lowell Cohn gets a radio show,I take it its going to be along time before I hear somebody say that a Giant is doing a terrible job.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

When Dan Ashley had crazy hair and girly eyes,you can still see it today..

KGO was running a PSA for the Faith Rancher Cancer run.  As soon as you see Dan in a pink knew this commercial was about 2 years old. Dan's hair was light brown,parted almost down the middle and combed back. A combed back look he didn't keep long.

You also,shockingly, are reminded of his botched original eye job. Like those Japanese anime big eyes? Or when Bugs would get huge eyes and make Elmer Fudd cry with "I cant doo it!" Like that.
So if you tape any KGO shows..look for that old commercial rerun. Its a hoot.

Hayward crime making the news..

And who's been telling you the why and about that for 2 years now? The Hayward PD needs a better spokesperson because he's smiling about killings. I dont get that.
Homes have gone way up in value..and real estate agents are redlining this city with immature couples who like to party and their children who make the news calling girls of middle eastern descent "terrorists" as if bullies would know.
Hayward PD has always been hands off. They let things go because the blue collar of the city didn't want enforcement of bike helmet laws,loitering, all the things that are done in the nicer community's.
Now,its time to enforce the law. I want to see a motorcycle ass get a ticket on Mission Blvd.
I want them to follow the bad asses. Make them worry.
We need to get all the young punks off the streets. You do notice that what I have trouble with - under 25's- are also now stepping up into bigger crimes?
Its the only way. I know these punks..they wont listen to churches. They have to feel the consequences. If that's me on their ass or Hayward has to be done.

Roberto Kelly stinks as 3rd base coach and Trevor Brown- spry for a 70 year old.

The coach who makes the wrong call and the wrong player to try and beat an easy throw. He cant run,and his slide was right to the ball.
I tell you..the Giants just cant run, and other then a couple of guys..the rest look like they need vitamins and never lifted a weight in their lives.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Anybody believe the Giant bullpen is up to a World Series Championship?

Hard to believe they can even stay in the west race. But imagine they do. Can that bullpen stop the other teams best hitters in the clutch? Haven't all season..3rd worst pen in the NL.
I'm trying to imagine them shutting down whoever,as in 2010,2012,2014. My imagination is streeeeeetching.
I cant say they wont.

KRON has normal person do sportscast...the whole set is relieved.

You can tell. There's no "Whats the nut going to pull on us this time?" No guards up. Woman and children are safe. The relief on the faces of all concerned says "Why can't it just stay this way?".

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Local media...never asks Bochy about Casillas.

You saw that postgame..the media had almost no questions. Not one asked "What are you going to do about Casilla's". Simple. Never asked.

Bochy goes to Arson Squad of Hunter Strickland and Casilla's..Giants house burned down.

He either take a guy out too soon,or way too late. This time,he went to the wrong Arsonist, aka bullpen.
This bullpen outweighs all the other stars on the team put together. Strickland just throws hard own the middle. Casilla's lost his touch when he got too comfortable being no.1
He's just not good is what it comes down to.
7-1 lead in the seventh.

Stan Salutes Maria Medina of KPIX. She spoke the truth. Phil Mattier was sold out quiet.

"That's why I like the south bay weather" she said, as Phil wouldn't admit that today's forecast for San Jose is a gorgeous 84f.
Right now at ATT as the Giant game is starting?...61F,  awful,terrible degrees . In Hayward where I am? 77F at the same exact time.
Its about time the SF meteors stop with the BS of how hot 75f is. I love 75-85f..and you can keep the valley 100's too for that matter.
Now,the Hayville culture needs some radical improvement...

Mattier? For  having a muck raker column he wants to be the future "Mr. Frisco". Can't be more obvious.

Action Stars so conservative they limp to the right...

I hate punks..and god bless these guys if they blast the hell out of them with judo chops. After that? crazy,isolated in culture,elitist. Not far from fascist.
It made me laugh..because like this broke me as a young'in to learn Bob Hope was big war hawk. I loved those old movies of Hope and equally righty Crosby.

Now? Arnie is right wing of course..except for his messiken son and others like him. A does of reality for Arnold.

It seems like all the 1990's SNL lineup is right wing..including the crazy blond Victoria whats her name. Dennis Miller? wow what a panderer when he saw his standup career was fading..he went kill em all.

oh,Yeah the War Hawks..Like Trump with SEVEN deferrals. Same for John Wayne, and Bush vice prez Cheney. Radnich could have served,Krueger..both loud rightists in the bay area. Brian "I love the kids Sussman..never served. GO down the list of KSFO and its all never enlisted or deferred hawks.

So read this. I know the list also left out Robert Downey jr and his crowd..conservatives.  He was liberal until he went to prison. Used every liberal program to stay out of prison..then blamed them I guess,when he used them all up.
So here's his list:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The JR and Justine Show on KRON.

Is KRON serious? those two have the gravitas of Archie Comic books.

Justine's voice is nearing Keba Arnold tones. Why is she shouting?

J.R.? He got the job through his cousin I figure. JR had to take off the baseball hat and overalls of his tow truck job. Hey,it was an honest living. Look what he does now...

We're living in a world of fools,bringing us down when they all should let us be...lalalala..

The Bee Gee's were GODS! I tell you, GODS.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Praise the Lord--- Radnich gone for weeks. A big razzberry for the goofball "Sportsdirector".

KRON will now return to normal,have a Sportscaster who CAN show his face at any game in town,and anchors who no longer have to submit their pride,lower their IQ to the Jackass "S.D". And ratings will go up- that's a promise.

 He can vacation at a remedial school. Learn more then he did at Las Vegas.

81f here...61f in S.F. Move HERE pretentious - I dont care.

No wonder the TV people 20 miles west of me call 75f a heatwave.

HEY!  Friscan educated and normal people!..Hayward needs you!.. We have great water- S.F. Hetch Hechy, We have near the best weather here! Never hot like the tri valley. Never colder then the tri or central valley in winter. Nice! Almost no FOG! Hoeee!
PLEASE..rescue poor old Hayward!

I'm sick of the beater Honda civics here with the loud exhaust,I'm sick of the foul mouthed,I'm sick of those just wasting a good spot on the North American continent!...

Getting older= no big changes.

I was thinking as a gardener a year to me just whips by. I could kill a year just like that now. I bet I would if the human lifespan was longer? I could kill 20 years with no change in me. 50, 200? 1,000? kidding. Not at all.
You can only develop a passion for a few things in life..and as all are eventually becoming "old hat"..and nothing much new to learn OR,learning takes years more of study...meaning that again "YOU are just killing years"
Is that a good thing bad thing? Both?

Maybe more later on this...

KNBR's wimp Shop steward Joe Hughs. Brownoser.

What,a craven coward and suck up. It was so bad yesterday Radnich told him to stop.

He sold out his union brothers for a 2 week bone of co hosting. How weak is that? Radnich even dropped the "I made you" on him and Joe wagged his tail like a giddy puppy "Yes you did!".

I think the Union rep is Ted Rainey...who also never showed for the protest. Kate Scott and Pecan who was so sincere about starving on Cumulus wages... I was sympathetic to all of them. But if Joe Hughs sucking is really what they are all about? "All about myself"..then the hell with them.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gary Radnich "His New Image"..razmataz- rah-rah!,rata rata!

His previous "Tired" and world weary act of the last few years? The Kathy Heenan incident put the fear into him alright.
He's hyper, let's go! ,let's go! I love Steve,I love Joe,I love Grant Whoooooo-eeeeeeee!!!  That is the dummies idea of being hip.

The man is a natural born liar and self booster. Always keep that in mind.

Are  there any second amendment types in his hood when he comes down the street blasting rap music out of his caddy? Lets hope so.  Flatten a few tires wouldn't hurt.

When will that scum and liar just go away?  Takes his kid to see a rape site and see's nothing wrong with that? Just sick in the head.
Brags "He's a hard worker"..LOL.  I wish I could tell him that all the "black wife and family and brother this and brother that" is bullshit. IF he was not a white conservative male who panders with no shame to money,he would have been history years ago. I don't believe for a second he gets ratings.What he gets is a Bob Fitzgerald living...a tool for the wealthy. A puppet. A whore.
Cathy Heenan was yanked off the air for weeks. Radnich didn't miss a day. WASP-Male power for all to see.

All Radnich black talk? what a slap in the face to people of color knowing he votes against any program that's not capitalism for the wealthy.
I tell you..he lies through his teeth so easily that I TRULY do think he's a sociopath.

He took a 8 year old- his son- to see where a rape occurred. Like a sociopath,he thought nothing wrong with that.

Katie Ledecky = Prometheus!

In Ridley Scott's sciefi movie,it was proposed "The original Man" was of extraterrestrial origins. When our present human race in the future discovers their location ( super duper GPS maps) we go take a visit.
Turns out that the original dude is bone white and about 8' tall.

I had that thought as Katie Ledecky exited the pool in some slow mo clip. Tall,thin,chiseled and she's one really white,white girl.
No wonder the dominant culture loves swimming. If they excelled in Chinese Checkers THAT would be a great Olympic sport about now...
The way life is.

Radnich blames Heenan "She froze"..making him look bad.

I'm not going to repeat all I wrote on 415Media..but Radnich is a natural born liar. He still blames her. Nothing the large network Anchors or political shows said about him sunk in.
He wants it both ways.

Also,he admitted that he wont go to games anymore because there is always fans who hate him and "I don't want to hear that the whole game".  I knew that!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hayward murders.

What have I been posting to you readers?  I fight these guys almost daily. More the wanna be gangsters then the real ones. Why would a real gangster cause trouble and be exposed?..but the pretenders carry the same attitude, the same goal...something for nothing.
Its gotten worse as I said..Real Estate agents redline Hayward. They did it in the 1960's and after a brief lull,gotten around rules and regulations to once again funnel the festering types here. The courts seem to do the same with parolee's.
Hayward has spent to improve...but its now apartments more then homes. Tree lined streets are endangered, almost gone.
The police really do have a hands off attitude.. I don't know why. I surely don't. I see Pleasanton cops ticketing Main Street there almost every day in the minutes a day I drive by. I wonder what it adds up to all day?
I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a Hayward PD on Mission giving a ticket. True. 2 years ,3 years?
And of course Mission is the plaything of hot rod cars and bikes.

Hayward doesn't need revenue? Hell,if there is one thing we DO need is revenue!

Maybe Hayward police are jaded to tickets since gunshots are ..sort of.. approaching Oakland levels. At the very least much more then Fremont. Fremont isn't much more than 10 minutes away.

YES..there is a reason Stanley Roberts practically circles my home for KRON. Well,that or stalking...

No interest at all in the Olympics. None.

Bad for a guy into sports huh?  Tired of a lifetime of groundhog day every four years. We go to these games to beat up on Albania. We teach all the Al's in that country who's the rich and big guy on the block.
I liked the Oly's as a kid..losing to Russia me so angry. Eh,a tad bit. Losing to Russia in basketball? Revenge!...what did I know?
Now? I cant stand Deandre why be happy he's beating the brains out of some kid trying to survive in China? Yeah- lets root for arrogant millionaires..yea,yea, Phhht!..f that.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Giants El -Stinko.

They aren't being caught from behind...they are running backwards.

How much psychology is there in sports?..all it took was an All Star Break and Cueto having an Atlee Hammaker A.S. game.
Its in the teams head to fold. Whatever one facet does right...the other goes putrid.

I trace it all back to the bullpen since the start of the season. Those head cases of bad arms have gotten into the heads of the rest of the team. Like the flu,close quarters does it. Or a guy coughs..pretty soon the whole team is-lol.

Lincecum cut.

The kid who owned the bay area and then had reality step in because of his off season indiscretions..and in season at times, like when he missed his first all star game due to the mysterious "dehydration". Strange. Hospitalized...the media NEVER dug into that.
He's a nice guy..most are. But the Giant PR was on high alert every year he was there. Remember the ridiculous "hamburger diet"?  Even Lincecum laughed at that. But it was pushed by local media in seriousness. Right Greg Papa?

He was certain to have a Bronze statue fronting ATT. I hope he still gets one. He's troubled,but not bad- hell no.

Trump campaign falling is Trump himself.

You can see the pressure is getting to him. He's making claims of seeing airplanes full of money going to Iran,all that nuttiness.
Just look at him. Look at how different he is from his first "Build a Wall" proclamation. He's folding physically.

Other semi normal Repubs are dropping like flies away from the Donald (Do we want a president known as "The Donald" ?) like their wings fell off.

What were Republicans thinking when they went all in on him?

Monday, August 8, 2016

Jennifer Nettles "pokeys" the Chew.

She's a cookbook author of some kind. Hot blond,and they let her do a whole show in tight top and apparently a chilly studio.
I watched more of the Chew today then I have the last three years put together.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I want to see John Fisher laughing with not a care in the world at an A's game. Losing 10-0.

Lets see the EastBay Express post some photo's of the A's owner eating a hot dog and spilling beer as he tells a racy the run down team is getting its brains beaten in on the field.
Show the whole John Fisher guest party..just laughing as the Coliseum burns. He can play the fiddle.

Comcast needs to show John Fisher closeup, not jailbait.

As the A's,lay like dogs in the dog days,I wait to see where the A's owner sits. So,when fans go to games they can let all the vitriol they have pent up out at the man who ruined the franchise now for near 2 decades.
He goes to many games? Gee, never once has Glenn pointed him out on air. Not one single time. The radio guys never mention "Owner John Fisher is in the bleachers,drunk and stoned". That must be his personality based on the A's progress. Extrapolation and all that.
John Fisher is NEVER pointed out by any photo's,no beat writer,no PBP as "present".  Is that accidental? hmm?

Radnich being far.

Yes,I think Aveson didn't appreciate a couple of jabs..just smiled with no answer. Steve though hasn't seen the worst of the guy. Worse then the Heenan clip.
Radnich got a good scare..his career flashed before his eyes when Megan Kelly called him a wimp or the like.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Viki Liviakis says "Brittany Spears to do the weather". No dancing though.

The retort from the KRON weather Britteny? "I should have a good comeback because it happens all the time".
The only way Radnich makes that mistake is if her name was Beyonce Shipp.

I'm going to be in you pants- Soon!

I lost a bit of weight. I almost got on the fake Dockers I wore years ago. Soooo close -lol.
I can't remember the last time I didn't wear blue jeans.

Its so much harder to lose weight older. No,go out there and play basketball or tennis, or run up and down hills. Those days are gone- for me. My hip hurts when I sleep on my right now. That's a new ache and pain. (..and then the Doctor said "So, sleep on your left"
My best tip for olders? Smaller portions. Do your very best to only eat when hungry,not to kill time or boredom.
Smaller portions really works. You can still eat Oreo's is what I like best.

Damn Frisco Fog. Keep it over there!

Its been awhile..but that evil fog has crept over to the eastbay and disturbed a nice run of 80f and sun,sun,sun.
When I watched the news in Daly City about an accident..and the fog was blowing in thick and fast? Its why I never think of moving closer to the coast even in my win the lotto dreams. That would never happen that I move to a colder climate.
Florida is an option..but 87f and 80% humidity with a feels like temp of 107F?..I will wait.
Hayward has great weather,you have to admit that. Well,for not being in the tropical or subtropical belt's of the world.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Phillies "ball girl" Sierra will never be lonely...or poor.

What is she 16? And already perfect looking? No wonder Comcast is on her every move.  I don't care if she becomes a coked out psycho...she will still have Daddies.
I bet more photos of her are taken per game then the players.
 Zoom again Comcast,zoom closer!

added: Picture a 16 year old Christy Brinkley. Yeah,like that.

KNTV really missing the ball on the great San Jose long WARM summers.

IF i was a weatherKNTVer?  You would see me do weather next to the Tipuanu tree's near SJ State..those feathery tropical tree's are very rarely seen as a public planting. And in a T shirt spouting todays perfect temps of -say- 84f. The old and tall palms all over the city?. Do great for a reason.

I NEVER hear the weather people,past or present say anything about "warmest summers in the bay area" hyperbole .no superlatives of praise.

It really gets me to hear those SF anchors try to make 62f as "nice" in August.  GLORIOUS! San Josee and its much better 23f warmer days.

They say nothing to make San Josean's proud of a tiny microclimate only they have.. nice and warm, not hot,summers,and tulle fog free winters..unlike the central valley.

Nobody is splashing water in SF or Oakland or Berkeley...yet San Jose has that for kids to do.

You could make an argument San Jose has a mild subtropical climate.

Best summer I ever had was in San Jose...they SHOULD say.

Hey- They need to hire somebody who grew up in San Fran or Oakland.  THAT person would be amazed at a real summer.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump not even president and looks worn out.

He's got multiple luggage bags under his eyes,he's got half open eye's and he looks to have put on a lot of weight. He was bad a few months ago..but he's looking even worse now.

KGO TV runs "November like" today's temps.

I don't what was going on at 7 this morning. As the scrawl or scroll went by below it called for temps in the mid 60's and lows in the 40's for all the bay area.
It was like a weather HO LEE FUK.

Monday, August 1, 2016

KNBR- Klan No Brother's other than Rod.

Poetic license.  My heart is in the right place. Right Raddy?

Bob Fitzgerald and his entitlement show.

Crappy ratings year after year. I have yet to meet anybody who listens to the show. Today he greeted Radnich with that fantastically annoying giggle and something about Draymond Greens dick pics. They all laughed but I couldn't even understand what Bob said since he was giggling like a giddy girl as he talked.
But- there it is- his show just sits on KNBR year after year.

A's trade Josh Reddick. What did I tell you?

As I reported 3 weeks-or was it 2? ,ago he was traded.
We gave up our best all around hitter and our winningest starting pitcher (and a lefty to boot) for a minor league all star from the Dodgers.  That's all.

Yeah,Beane's not the GM anymore too.

Joe Hughs gets his reward for not picketing KNBR.

Yep,co hosting while Kreuger is off for the week.  Radnich just like he usually does- no shame- brought it up  if Joe was a good boy,he might get to co host.
So by coincidence the union leader never showed for the one day show of unity outside KNBR.

Radnich..these guys have so little,and Radnich wants it to stay that way.