Sunday, August 14, 2016

Action Stars so conservative they limp to the right...

I hate punks..and god bless these guys if they blast the hell out of them with judo chops. After that? crazy,isolated in culture,elitist. Not far from fascist.
It made me laugh..because like this broke me as a young'in to learn Bob Hope was big war hawk. I loved those old movies of Hope and equally righty Crosby.

Now? Arnie is right wing of course..except for his messiken son and others like him. A does of reality for Arnold.

It seems like all the 1990's SNL lineup is right wing..including the crazy blond Victoria whats her name. Dennis Miller? wow what a panderer when he saw his standup career was fading..he went kill em all.

oh,Yeah the War Hawks..Like Trump with SEVEN deferrals. Same for John Wayne, and Bush vice prez Cheney. Radnich could have served,Krueger..both loud rightists in the bay area. Brian "I love the kids Sussman..never served. GO down the list of KSFO and its all never enlisted or deferred hawks.

So read this. I know the list also left out Robert Downey jr and his crowd..conservatives.  He was liberal until he went to prison. Used every liberal program to stay out of prison..then blamed them I guess,when he used them all up.
So here's his list: