Saturday, August 27, 2016

Complaints about Stan on 415.

Most are jealous.I know that. They want to have all they send posted "Its greater then Stans!"..wrong,but they don't know that.
A good chunk are sensitive to me pounding the truth button. They don't want to know it or read it or have it come from somebody they wish they could just tear apart.

One thing I have strongly in my favor is.. my calls have been right on. From Billy Beane looking to get out of the GM title..NOBODY but me even hinted that was on his mind let alone get it dead on. To catching ESPN's Lin racist jokes first..then a week later the rest of the country caught on. Plenty more of that over the years. Nancy Snyderman,Lincecum,..I've forgotten more of my firsts than other bay area writers have ever done and list on their resumes.

Too much Stan is always for most, too much truth. The Chronicle Sports is a lapdog for the Giants. Yahoo and Comcast the same. So of course I'm going to be by comparison a loose cannon- heck loose nuclear warhead.

I take on those who look like me,those who don't,those who I would run with ,those I never would..why not just lay it out there as I know it?
I am only beholden to my beating heart. Not Cumulus or Comcast or the Giants and John Fisher's clan.
Like it or lump it, world.
Yeah,excuse my language,but Lump OFF world!