Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gary Radnich "His New Image"..razmataz- rah-rah!,rata rata!

His previous "Tired" and world weary act of the last few years? The Kathy Heenan incident put the fear into him alright.
He's hyper, let's go! ,let's go! I love Steve,I love Joe,I love Grant Whoooooo-eeeeeeee!!!  That is the dummies idea of being hip.

The man is a natural born liar and self booster. Always keep that in mind.

Are  there any second amendment types in his hood when he comes down the street blasting rap music out of his caddy? Lets hope so.  Flatten a few tires wouldn't hurt.

When will that scum and liar just go away?  Takes his kid to see a rape site and see's nothing wrong with that? Just sick in the head.
Brags "He's a hard worker"..LOL.  I wish I could tell him that all the "black wife and family and brother this and brother that" is bullshit. IF he was not a white conservative male who panders with no shame to money,he would have been history years ago. I don't believe for a second he gets ratings.What he gets is a Bob Fitzgerald living...a tool for the wealthy. A puppet. A whore.
Cathy Heenan was yanked off the air for weeks. Radnich didn't miss a day. WASP-Male power for all to see.

All Radnich black talk? what a slap in the face to people of color knowing he votes against any program that's not capitalism for the wealthy.
I tell you..he lies through his teeth so easily that I TRULY do think he's a sociopath.

He took a 8 year old- his son- to see where a rape occurred. Like a sociopath,he thought nothing wrong with that.