Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hayward crime making the news..

And who's been telling you the why and about that for 2 years now? The Hayward PD needs a better spokesperson because he's smiling about killings. I dont get that.
Homes have gone way up in value..and real estate agents are redlining this city with immature couples who like to party and their children who make the news calling girls of middle eastern descent "terrorists" as if bullies would know.
Hayward PD has always been hands off. They let things go because the blue collar of the city didn't want enforcement of bike helmet laws,loitering, all the things that are done in the nicer community's.
Now,its time to enforce the law. I want to see a motorcycle ass get a ticket on Mission Blvd.
I want them to follow the bad asses. Make them worry.
We need to get all the young punks off the streets. You do notice that what I have trouble with - under 25's- are also now stepping up into bigger crimes?
Its the only way. I know these punks..they wont listen to churches. They have to feel the consequences. If that's me on their ass or Hayward PD..it has to be done.