Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hayward murders.

What have I been posting to you readers?  I fight these guys almost daily. More the wanna be gangsters then the real ones. Why would a real gangster cause trouble and be exposed?..but the pretenders carry the same attitude, the same goal...something for nothing.
Its gotten worse as I said..Real Estate agents redline Hayward. They did it in the 1960's and after a brief lull,gotten around rules and regulations to once again funnel the festering types here. The courts seem to do the same with parolee's.
Hayward has spent to improve...but its now apartments more then homes. Tree lined streets are endangered, almost gone.
The police really do have a hands off attitude.. I don't know why. I surely don't. I see Pleasanton cops ticketing Main Street there almost every day in the minutes a day I drive by. I wonder what it adds up to all day?
I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a Hayward PD on Mission giving a ticket. True. 2 years ,3 years?
And of course Mission is the plaything of hot rod cars and bikes.

Hayward doesn't need revenue? Hell,if there is one thing we DO need is revenue!

Maybe Hayward police are jaded to tickets since gunshots are ..sort of.. approaching Oakland levels. At the very least much more then Fremont. Fremont isn't much more than 10 minutes away.

YES..there is a reason Stanley Roberts practically circles my home for KRON. Well,that or stalking...