Wednesday, August 3, 2016

KNTV really missing the ball on the great San Jose long WARM summers.

IF i was a weatherKNTVer?  You would see me do weather next to the Tipuanu tree's near SJ State..those feathery tropical tree's are very rarely seen as a public planting. And in a T shirt spouting todays perfect temps of -say- 84f. The old and tall palms all over the city?. Do great for a reason.

I NEVER hear the weather people,past or present say anything about "warmest summers in the bay area" hyperbole .no superlatives of praise.

It really gets me to hear those SF anchors try to make 62f as "nice" in August.  GLORIOUS! San Josee and its much better 23f warmer days.

They say nothing to make San Josean's proud of a tiny microclimate only they have.. nice and warm, not hot,summers,and tulle fog free winters..unlike the central valley.

Nobody is splashing water in SF or Oakland or Berkeley...yet San Jose has that for kids to do.

You could make an argument San Jose has a mild subtropical climate.

Best summer I ever had was in San Jose...they SHOULD say.

Hey- They need to hire somebody who grew up in San Fran or Oakland.  THAT person would be amazed at a real summer.