Saturday, August 20, 2016

MTV 's real world and 1990's vids..

Comcast either added MTV classic or they added it to the basic package. So,for the first time I'm seeing it. Not in HD. That would be too hard for Comcast.
So,I'm watching what was the best part of my life..that not very young,still young enough age.

Funny,but one the one real world I've seen...they get lost in a van. Now? the blind can't get lost with GPS ..soon to be driver less cars. Getting lost,what a concept.

NO cell phones,no mention of internet. They play with the old Magic 8 balls of the 60's. Fashions are still sort of cool. Just the other week I saw at the Hayward Flea Market a young gal in summer dress and black boots. Huh,like Liv Tyler in 1992. But, I guess the 4 non blond boots are of the past. Like those late 80's shiny black shoes.
If I can see that much change since the 90's..what the heck is coming up? Its really just a blink in time.