Tuesday, August 23, 2016

People are moving in and out of Hayward at a record rate...

I was talking to somebody who talked to some people down a few blocks that are moving out. Yep,they are moving to get away from the punks with motorcycles,big dogs that bark and that asshole punk attitude.
I see for sale signs all over..people buy,live here a few years..signs go right back up.

Something is really wrong with our mayor and city council..heads in sand. They you might notice have nothing to say..Since the mayor was elected?..haven't heard a peep from her. Nothing.

Have you seen them answer reporters question about the crime wave? No.

Ask me. I will tell you. Spoiled barely literate pot smoking low life family's are being steered here. Old timers as you might have seen in the TV reports are afraid of them.

Its as if progeny of San Quentin are pushed on us.

Hayward police make news with the over the top criminal acts..but I tell you,they could make 10x the arrests if they put their minds to it.

Drive around..for sale. Then "Sold".