Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Piggy and Bombastic commercial,my fav.

Right now the funniest commercial running is the eccentric couple (eccentric? what is that?,ehem)walking the piglet to Bombastic.
I never knew that was an old song. As a matter of fact I was sure it was sung by some old toothless Jamaiican. THEN, I see the vid on MTV classics.

Once again,I think I might have heard the song back then..never stuck with me in 1995.
I'm a rocker type. I was all alternative by then.

 Even some of the those horrible 1990-1995 Metal ballads are either I hate or I never heard because I just tuned out when they came on MTV.. I FF them even now on MTV classics.

So,I'm Mr Bom-bastic.,Mr. Fan-tastic oooooh...