Monday, August 22, 2016

Sandya Patel and her sexy shoes..

Last weekend Im watching the ABC new on ch 44? or 20?..whateva.  And for the first time in all the years she's been doing weather,the camerman showed her below the knee and all the way to the floor.
So,you get a glimpse of all of her for once.
She had on these..heeled shoes that were very high. If she's 5'6"? then with those shoes she was near 6'.
Not stiletto heels..but they were up there. Nice legs..if she wears shoes like that I would suggest shorter skirts to match. Her were at the knee.

If this is a trend? To see the whole weatherwoman? Its a good one. Might get Britt at KRON out of those white sneakers she always has on.

These anchor woman spend a fortune on sexy shoes,then producers deny us the right to see them. Deny,deny,deny. End it!  Now!