Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stan Salutes Maria Medina of KPIX. She spoke the truth. Phil Mattier was sold out quiet.

"That's why I like the south bay weather" she said, as Phil wouldn't admit that today's forecast for San Jose is a gorgeous 84f.
Right now at ATT as the Giant game is starting?...61F,  awful,terrible degrees . In Hayward where I am? 77F at the same exact time.
Its about time the SF meteors stop with the BS of how hot 75f is. I love 75-85f..and you can keep the valley 100's too for that matter.
Now,the Hayville culture needs some radical improvement...

Mattier? For  having a muck raker column he wants to be the future "Mr. Frisco". Can't be more obvious.