Saturday, August 27, 2016

To KRON. Tell Radnich not to return. Keep the adult newscast.

If KRON had any gumption..they would drop the right wing Forest Gump known as Radnich. Get rid of Anchors ducking his weird ..compliments. That's how strange he is..his compliments are so forced and over the top and shallow "I love you" from the man who then follows with Donald Silver was set up or "I took my 8year son to see where Kaps friends raped that woman" that's just a normal fatherly thing to do. Even when he pretends to be nice? Its strange.
Plus if you know anything about cars? That ride of his spends half its nights at the auto repair shop..something he NEVER brings up.

He cost sponsors,or KRON is forced to sell time cheap- to save face.

KRON is better off without the guy and they must know it. He's only good on radio. On TV? He's just an embarrassment.

Bake him a cake,give him a card,and a good handshake and retire that 70 year old face.